Putting it all on the back burner.

Our D/s has been on a major hold lately. No, I wish it was on the back burner, simply on hold. It's actually non-existent. We are not currently 24/7 D/s. It started last spring. Mr.R took a job that made sense when it was distant, but when things moved back to being in person he … Continue reading Putting it all on the back burner.

Please, Master. A poem.

Please, Master. By minnie Wrap the collar around my neck, and the leash too. Rip the clothes from my body, bind your chains to my wrists, my ankles, my waist. Lead me across the floor, make me crawl at your heels, keep me under your thumb and on my knees. I'll lap at your feet. … Continue reading Please, Master. A poem.

Something scary and cool.

Several months ago I wrote a great deal of blog posts about the high protocol side of our D/s, and had them all nearly ready to publish. Then I got overwhelmed with other things, and didn't quite get them scheduled. Since then so many things have changed I can't even describe how much my life … Continue reading Something scary and cool.

McLintock! A spanking done right.

Recently, I wrote post about spanking in movies. I found these photographic gems from the movie I referenced, McLintock! with John Wayne and Maureen O'Hara. Yes, he is paddling her with an iron coal shovel. My favorite part is how everyone in the background is laughing and drinking heartily. It's as if the whole town … Continue reading McLintock! A spanking done right.

My week told through Spankings

I am crazy busy right now, pushing to make a hefty deadline in only a few days. I have not yet had time to work up the many posts I have planned covering our core D/s foundations and framework, though they are coming. As a consolation and promise for what is coming, I thought I'd … Continue reading My week told through Spankings

What is a ‘traditional’ relationship?

There was a night, before Master and I were D/s, where I was crawling around in the attic plucking at red and black wires in the dark to finish the installation of the new ceiling fan. I’d gotten the over-sized fan with a built in bluetooth speaker as a final touch for the master bathroom … Continue reading What is a ‘traditional’ relationship?

My Morning Breath.

"Wait." The command is sharp and clear, and I react immediately. When it comes from my Master, the word does not hold the standard meaning of the verb to hold on. No, it is a position, a behavior I must assume. I drop my clothes where I stand, and in one swift move I am … Continue reading My Morning Breath.

Subspace with a sprinkling of anger

After any bigger kinky scene I tend to drop pretty hard, get angry, and then recover quickly. Rarely ever do I have a drop that continues long after that, though I have had some last for hours or even days. But those are the rare cases, and only with particularly intense or extra long scenes … Continue reading Subspace with a sprinkling of anger

How to Improve and Strengthen your D/s with a Living Contract

Many people think of contracts as a statement, or possibly a list, written and signed on a particular date. It locks a moment in time, and the agreements made in that moment. While this process works for some, many find it cumbersome, too rigid, and hard to keep current. Sometimes people accidently lock down a … Continue reading How to Improve and Strengthen your D/s with a Living Contract

Why Submission isn’t always easy

I am not a submissive person. Not in the slightest. To you, my readers and like-minded individuals in the D/s and kinky world, this might be a surprise. But to those who know me in the vanilla world, it is quite the opposite. People from my vanilla world, especially my family; my sisters, brothers, and … Continue reading Why Submission isn’t always easy