My Morning Ritual.

My alarm goes off at 5:30. Master won’t rise for another 45 minutes… I think? It is his choice. I don’t have to be to work for an hour and a half. But first, treadmill. It is Master’s wish, his command.

I’m not fasting today, so I’m no the treadmill for at least 30 minutes. I have to get dressed first, and be sure to be done and in the shower by 10 after 6 am. Should I be getting up even earlier? Maybe.

I am hot, dripping in sweat, my legs are a bit shaky from the intensity of my workout. I go to the kitchen, and grind beans for Master’s coffee. It’s ten after, and I am running a tad late.

I go to the bedroom. He hasn’t risen. Good.

He beckons me to his side, and I go. The workout makes me feel gross. I stink, my hair is frizzy and slept on, dripping with sweat. He grabs my ass, pulling me into him, and I forget it all. I am his, and I am beautiful. I bend over to kiss him, and get a much coveted slap on the ass. Only a slight sting, I long for more. Now I am dripping in another way. I spread my legs slightly, and his finger is slipping deep inside my pussy. It will set my schedule back a bit, and again I briefly wonder if I should get up earlier, but right now – I don’t care.

He licks off his finger, giving me just a tiny taste, and sends me off to the shower.

Obiedently, I step in the water, wash, and check to be sure my shave is still smooth. I am ready to leave when he enters the water, and we trade places. I brush my teeth, comb my hair, and go start the water for his coffee. Each of my actions is in a tight balance, racing against the clock, and I have them timed perfectly. One thing off, and I could set the whole day wrong for both of us. He has a half-hour commute. I have only a 1-minute drive. To set him off late could not possibly disappoint me more.

I’m back in the room, and he is out of the shower, brushing his teeth. I pull on a pair of panties I know he will like, then a bra, and stand at inspection on the rug. My hands are crossed behind my head, and I wait patiently. It is 6:27, plenty of time. I smile. I don’t have to be back to the kitchen for over 15 minutes. I would need to be dressed, and mostly ready, by 6:45, however -in a pinch – 6:50 will do. That gives me 10 minutes to cook, and 15 minutes to eat with him.

He comes out of the bathroom, and I straighten my posture, watching his every move. I keep my head bowed slightly, my legs are spread at shoulder width. He moves around me, around the room, drying off, getting his clothes. He pays me no mind, preparing to leave. He knows I will wait patiently as long as he likes.

When he’s ready, he comes directly at me, standing over me. His power looms, and I lower my eyes, my head. He rubs the back of my head, almost petting, affectionate. He touches my bra, tucks at a bit of misplaced lace. He runs his finger along the edge of my panties, and I quiver form the inside out. “Are these for me?”

“Yes, Master.”

I dare not raise my head, but chance a glance up, and smile. His face holds the familiar look of power, strength, and love that I am used to. I am suddenly hot, and feel my panties wetten. He runs his hands down my sides from my shoulders to my waist, taking time to caress little parts, twirl his fingers. My body quivers against my will. “You please me, minnie.”

“Thank you, Master.” I bow my head deeper.

His finger spins in the air before my face, and I obediently turn around, spreading my legs apart several feet wider. His hands run down my sides, across my back, around my belly, and down to my butt. “I like these.”

“Thank you, Master.”

He pushes slightly on my back, a signal I know well, and I bend over  – my hands to the floor, bracing myself. He rubs his hands across my waist, my thighs, my ass. He inspects me, slapping my cheeks, and tugging slightly at the edges of my panties. He traces my pussy showing through the back, lined by my panties. “Hmmm. This is nice.”

I shiver, and smile to myself.

A sudden sting and slap on my ass fills me with silent pleasure, and I thank him, my voice begging for more. I feel another, and quiver from within, a moan escaping. I am his, available at his command.

“Wall. minnie. Now.” He is stern, and I obey quickly, stepping forward to place my hands on the wall just below waist height. My hands are spread wide, braced for impact, my ass high in the air. His finger slides seamlessly into my wet cunt and then into my ass. He thrusts repeatedly, and my thighs begin to buckle. I thank him repeatedly, hearing “Yes, Sir!” escape out of my mouth over and over. Time slips, and I forget all duties. I am under his control.

Then just as suddenly, he stops, and turns to his chair, pointing to the floor. “Now, minnie.”

I compose myself, and turn around, moving to kneel at his feet. I lay my head into his lap, and feel his power over me, cursing through my body. His protectiveness wraps all around me. I glow, unable to stop the smile from within. He feeds me his mantra, a verbal dedication to me, His minnie. I am relaxed, melting in his arms, his body. I am content beyond belief, and I return my mantra to him. I do not think. I speak from my heart. I fumble some of the words, but he does not care. It is pure love.

“Now, worship.”

I am pleased at his command, and bend over, stretching my arms across the floor under his chair. He pulls out his crop, and slaps my ass several times. I thank him with each crisp sting. “Cum now, minnie.” His finger is in my ass again, and I shutter into orgasm, into relaxation, and melt at his feet. He rubs my back, and lets me lay.

After a minute he tells me to rise, getting up before me.

I get dressed, and rush to the kitchen to prepare his breakfast.

Our day has now started.