Maintenance Spankings are Delicious

Maintenance: to maintain, to keep, to sustain, the process of maintaining or preserving someone or something, or the state of being maintained
Spanking: 1) to slap with an open hand, usually on the ass, generally in repetition. 2) To have a good time,“I’ve had a spanking good time!”. 3) To give a good impression, to be very big, or fine “Your car is spanking hot.” “It’s brand spanking new.”

I bend over the bed, face down, and place my hands behind my back. His order had come quick, sharp, and I was eager to get into place, stumbling slightly as I jumped up off the floor. I feel his hand running across my exposed ass. His voice is firm, “don’t move.” My ass is still flushed from being in worship at his feet while his riding crop came in crisp flecks back and forth over my ass cheeks. His crop is firm with soft edges. Short. Precise. It’s also new. The last one wore out. This one has a handle of finely braided leather. When using it he calls out the location where each slap will land before swinging. A wicked game of Simon Says.

Now, the crop is resting down the center of my back, its handle sitting at the top of my ass cheeks.

I hear my Master moving around behind me, my pussy throbbing with anticipation. I feel the wetness beginning to gather in my pussy, but I follow orders; don’t move. My face stays pressed into the bed, my ass is pushed into the air, my hands crossed at the small of my back, and my legs spread wide. My Master, on the other hand, is fully dressed. He moves back up next to me, the seam of his jeans pressing into my skin.

He speaks again. Chills run down my spin hearing the authority in his words, “I think ten more should do it.” I gasp, my mouth open.

“Are you ready, minnie?”

I am.

I nod yes, and squeak out a response just barely loud enough for him to hear over, “yes, Master. Please, Sir. I am ready.” I wait patiently for him to grab the crop again, but he doesn’t touch it. The tip stays perched at the top of my ass, the cool leather pressed between my shoulder blades. He stands astride me, and places a hand firmly in the small of my back, holding me still. His other hand pulls back.

The sting is sharp and quick. It claps like released thunder. It runs low, across both of my cheeks, just above my thighs. I cry out, softly, and fight against myself to refrain from arching my back.

He’s got a new toy out. The red paddle. I know its feel well. It’s firm, made of stiff leather. A grid of shiny, metal rivets adorn one side. With this, he could hit my stop, if he chose. I hear myself speak, “Thank you, Sir,” an expression of my desire escaping my lips.

“Hands up, minnie.” I obey, stretching my arms over my head. He taps, and I push my ass further into the air standing onto my toes. Crack. Another slap across my ass. This time harder. He whispers in my ear, “I didn’t hear you count.”

“Sorry, Sir. Two, Sir.” My breath is quick, short. I can feel my temperature rise, my heart quicken. His hand is firmly pressing into the small of my back, preventing me from moving.

“You’re getting nice and red here, minnie.” He’s rubbing my butt, admiring his handy work. Crack.

Crack. Two more come is quick succession, and I can barely get a word out, “Three. Four. Thank you, Sir.” I am losing the battle against myself to pulse my hips, to press into it.

Crack. “Five. Thank you, Sir.”

Crack. “Six.” I count.

“Don’t forget to show your gratitude, minnie. I’m working hard back here.”

“Yes, sir.”

Crack. “Seven,” I gasp, “Thank you, Sir.” I can feel the blood pulsing through my body, the swelling of my cunt, the dripping wetness now running down my legs. My hips rock unconsciously, and I feel the firm grip of his hand press down. I pause.

“Three more, my sweet. These ones are going to hurt a little. You understand?” I nod, and smile wickedly into the blankets, “Yes, Master.”

The next slap comes before I can get the words out, and I count the eighth in a gulp, then the ninth, thanking him each time.

I wait for the tenth, as he pulls his arm back. I squirm in my desire to feel it, the slap, the sting, the crisp jolt across my ass. He watches me squirm, smiling behind me. He corrects my posture, pushing my ass firmly up into the air while pressing my back down. I feel my pussy swell and pulse. How long must I wait?

Crack! Sweet release. “Ten. Thank you, Master.” My words come out in a gasp, and my body begins to melt, buckling at the knees.

My pussy throbs, and I wish I could beg for more. He seems to know my thoughts, “That’s all for today, minnie.” He turns to put his toy away, “now compose yourself.”

I stand up slowly, and pull my panties back on. I can still feel the sharpness of the paddle’s edges, ripe across my cheeks. Tomorrow, I think, and I follow him into his arms, kneeling and purring happily at his feet.

I feel his power over me, his dominance. My place as his submissive is reaffirmed, and I bow my head, hiding my smile when he looks at me. I can still feel my desire cursing through my veins, keeping me swollen and wet. “Will that keep you though the day?”

I nod, “yes, Sir. Thank you, Master.”

5 thoughts on “Maintenance Spankings are Delicious

  1. I wish there was a Loved button…this is an awesome post! Spankings aren’t just punishment…they really do remind us of our place and can put a submissive in a very happy, calm and secure place. Thank you for writing this! You have a wonderful Master 🙂

  2. I love the text! I really identified myself with it. Thanks a lot for sharing and hope you continue having this nice relationship with your Master.

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