Snowy Daydreams and a Bit of Blissful Desire.

There’s something really sexy about a good snow fall. It coats the ground, the trees, even the sky, in a layer of pure white. It glitters in it’s own clean, purity like a new set of lacey garters. The way undisturbed, freshly fallen snow runs across the ground reminds me of the gentle curves of the naked human body. It’s curves, arches, and contours stir something in me. I’m reminded of the camber of hips, the round bosom of a woman, the gentle slope of the back running into the buttocks.

We recently got snow – record breaking snow – as did much of the nation. Snow isn’t common in our neck of the woods, so it felt like a treat to me. We had several days of canceled school, and I got to let ‘little minnie’ come out to play much more than I knew she would. My daydreams included playing outside naked. I would open the window at night, feeling the cool breeze wrap around my half-clothed body. The crispness of the chill made we want to wrap snow around my tits, sit in it bare-assed, and maybe … if I was feeling particularly brave … make nude snow angels. Though I know Mr.R would love to watch, he would not join in, which would be fine with me.

It takes me back to a day when my husband and I were messing up the bed on a similar cold, snowy day. A window stood just across his naked body, and thick, clean snow laid outside it. I was kneeling over him, straddling his legs, and marveling at the sunlight glimmering off the pure white crystals. I slid the window open, enjoying the invigorating air as it hardened my nipples. It breezed across his cock too, firm below me. He was curious, not sure of what I was doing. I reached outside, grabbing two large handfuls, wet and firm, and packed them around his balls before eagerly sucking and fucking the cum out of him.

Alas, the snow here is nearly gone, and my chance to play in it melting away. Weather predicts rain for tomorrow. Bummer.

But there’s always next year. 🙂

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