To all the D/s bloggers I’ve loved before (…and still do)

Today I had to go back to the vanilla world after almost of week without it. I was ready to report on how much it sucked. I expected to slip out feeling subbish. I expected some of that old anger to return. I expected to run into the grocery store lady. I thought I might actually go back to fighting for control, and maybe even need to be reminded of my place.

But none of that happened.

Instead, I thought a lot about nijntje’s post, Favorite Old Shirt. I texted my Master from time to time. I pondered my goals with this blog, and thought about its future and purpose. I read posts from other long term couples living 24/7 D/s (more than I could list here) and saw myself in their words – both in the present, and in my future. I took some of their advice, their life lessons to heart. I worked, and focused on my the ways I was meeting Mr.R’s expectations, following the rules, meeting goals, being submissive. I thoroughly enjoyed my usual routines, whether D/s, or not.

I had a good day.

To my fellow bloggers, don’t question your place in the scheme of things. You’ve helped this submissive have a good day. You’ve made her feel validated in her purpose and place. You’ve stretched her mind, and given her positive, attainable goals. You are doing good.

One thought on “To all the D/s bloggers I’ve loved before (…and still do)

  1. I’m glad to hear your day turned out so well, minnie! It really can be as easy as we want it to be 😀 Thank you for the shout out too. *smiles*

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