Tattoo Consultation (x3)!!!

Yup, I got a tattoo at 15. And, it’s horrible. No surprise. It was 1991. I picked it off the wall. A simple rose. There wasn’t much else that didn’t have skulls. The shop was in the back of a Harley store, with gold-by-the-inch sold in the front. The artist was just passing through on a Harley run. It was the way tattoos worked then. I worked as a maid at a local beach hotel, and skipped half a day of work to get it. I also got in trouble from my boss the next day, since I lied about where I was going, and a coworker saw me in there. Oops.

Today, I am finally getting a consultation to get a much needed cover-up done. Actually, I am getting a consultation for three tattoos!

Yup, three! Go big or go home. 🙂

I’ve been wanting to get two of them them done for a couple of years. When I first came to Mr.R with the idea of getting another tattoo a couple years ago, he had some less than favorable things to say about it. His actual words included skank. Ouch. Since then he has come to understand how important it is to me, and even made a request for a third one!!

I’ve started a pinterest board with lots of ideas, and divided it down into three sections, one for each tattoo. This one is on my naughty site. I had to make another, vanilla one to show the artist.

Here’s the three tattoos I’m getting done.


My minnie tattoo (to be!) was Mr.R’s idea. It will go at the top of my right hip, in the front. It will be a simple outline of minnie’s head, with a pink, polka-dotted bow between her ears. The interior of the outline will be full of geometric designs, much like a collection of zentangle patterns. I’d like to incorporate the BDSM triskelion. I particularly like the design below. I like the way it also feels like growth, very much like the growth of a sub.

▷ Disney Character Tattoos - Spectacular Photos

A similar idea.


This tattoo will cover up my rose. There are so many beautiful sunflower tattoos out there. I could swap my board with ideas until the whole conversation was diluted. So I stopped adding them.

One of many that I like. I especially like the artsy little lines around it, the splash of color spread around. I am sure I will have to make accommodations to be sure my old tattoo is covered properly.

Sun\Moon Combo

To me, this one is me and Master together. He is my sun, and I am his moon.

Sun and moon-dala from today, thank you Maggie!! #sunandmoontattoo #sunandmoon #finelinetattoo #legtattoo #mandala #mandalatattoo #ornamentaltattoo #tattooedgirls @metrixneedles #metrixneedles | Artist: @tattoosbyeloise

Here’s one I like, but nothing I have found encapsulates what I want. I am going to be greatly depending on my artist for this design. It will be on the front of my right shoulder, up high, pushing into my arm, though not that big.

I’m so excited!! Wish me luck!

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