Little minnie got her own pet skitty!

She worked very hard for it all week! She followed all Master’s orders, and always did what he asked. She was available and ready, whenever Master wanted. She also had a really bad day, and worked through some big problems. She was a very good girl, Master even said so. And she was rewarded with SKITTY!!!

Her very own pet Skitty. YAY!


7 thoughts on “Little minnie got her own pet skitty!

    1. lol. It’s al relatively new to me too. I started playing pokemon with my kids a few months ago (last fall?) as a way to hang out together. Now they have quit, and I can’t stop!!

      1. Ah, yours must be just a bit younger than mine than. Mine moved on from pokemon a little bit ago already. They still talk about it once in a while but their games are much more on the M side of things these days.

      2. Oh no. They played Pokemon go in their phones, plus all that mature stuff. Both are in high school. My youngest is a sophomore, and I have another who is a senior. … Plus two more graduated with kids of their own. (I started early. 😉)

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