Is it time for you to adopt a safe word?

When I first saw this topic I wondered what I would have to say about safewords... again. I already posted about it for the 30 days of D/s here, and made various other small mentions of it. However, it turned out to have come at the right time. Honestly, Mr.R and I haven't had much … Continue reading Is it time for you to adopt a safe word?

40 + 2 things about little minnie!

little minnie loves Skitty the most!...right after Master, of course. Duh!little minnie's favorite color is cotton candy pinklittle minnie likes to colorshe likes glitter and shiny things.she has two stuffies; minnie and skittylittle minnie adopted her pet skitty after getting Master's permission, and worked very hard to get her. :Dshe loves to snuggle....especially if Skitty … Continue reading 40 + 2 things about little minnie!

Becoming minnie.

I got my name from Mr.R. We were fresh into this D/s, 24/7/365 life, maybe a week. I told him I wanted a submissive name over a text. We were sitting next to each other in the living room. There were prying ears around, but I didn't want to wait. I couldn't wait. Not another … Continue reading Becoming minnie.

Do you have a kinky community?

We live in the Pacific Northwest. It rains here. A lot. If I could run around in pink boots and carry a cute, little pink umbrella, and play in the rain all day, I think I would like it. In reality, I feel more like this... ... so we are considering moving to Southern California. … Continue reading Do you have a kinky community?

Got my minnie tattoo yesterday!

This photo was taken when it was still fresh in the shop, not cleaned, not even bandaged yet. There's even a bit of blood coming up in the bow. (Luckily it blends in with the red.) But it's done, and I love it! So does Master! I'd like to go back and add white into … Continue reading Got my minnie tattoo yesterday!

Bondage, blindfolds, and human furniture

Once upon a time, bondage was the bread and butter of our kink. That, and blindfolds. We didn't classify either as BDSM, mostly because we didn't know what BDSM was, at least not beyond the mainstream media of the 80's and 90's - which presented BDSM as the sign of an unhealthy mind. With the … Continue reading Bondage, blindfolds, and human furniture

What’s in a (BDSM) symbol?

When Master and I entered into D/s we'd been BDSM in the bedroom for decades - two to be exact, as long as we've been together. We were BDSM before we knew what it was. With the vocabulary I have now, I can see bondage, sensation deprivation, humiliation, voyeurism, and few other kinks in there. … Continue reading What’s in a (BDSM) symbol?

When Master Wins, minnie wins!

This weekend I got to hit subspace pretty completely - as in, it completely satisfied me! I've been needing it for a while. Master and I have been on a 'waning' phase due to work and the regular stress of life. At times like these I can feel it build up in me. I also … Continue reading When Master Wins, minnie wins!

Getting my minnie tattoo!!

A little over a week ago I went in for a tattoo consultation. I've got three tattoos I want to get done, and have been waiting for the right artist. I thought I found her. And I still think I did, except that she was going to take almost 3 months to get back to … Continue reading Getting my minnie tattoo!!