Hurt me.

30 Days of D/s by Loving BDSM and Kayla Lords

This is the 13th post of the 30 days of D/s. The topic here is about pain. Do you like pain? Do you want pain? Do you want to inflict pain?

I would consider myself to be something of a masochist. So, yes, I want the pain.


A masochist is an individual who takes pleasure in the experience of physical or emotional pain. Masochists often rely on this pain for sexual gratification. Masochists are said to suffer from a psychiatric condition called masochism.

When I think of my masochism, I think of physical pain. I’m not into emotional pain as a kink, though I am into humiliation, which is closely related. Physical pain is definitely not my only kink, but I would consider it high on the list. In my top 3, alongside humiliation and bondage. My Dom, Mr.R, does not consider himself a sadist. (Though, in my opinion, he is more than of one then he admits. ๐Ÿ˜‰ ) His kink is mostly me.

Sadist –

A sadist is a person who is sexually aroused or gains sexual gratification by inflicting pain, cruelty, or humiliation on others. Sadists can also experience the same gratification from watching someone else do these things.

Spankings are the primary way I experience pain. We do daily maintenance spankings as part of our morning ritual. At times when we have missed them, I have noticed within a day or two, and start to feel antsy. Spankings can also be part of funishment for us, but not punishment.

Finding time to get into deeper pain play can be tricky with kids in the house. It usually takes a weekend away, which we have coming up at the end of the month. (I am so excited!!) It’s been a bit too long for me since we have had some serious scene play. ‘A bit’ may be  is a huge underaxageration. I’m super ready. Thankfully, we have an entire week without kids, plus new toys on the way! Now, if I can throw in some new leather cuffs…

Loving BDSM 30 Days of D/s

9 thoughts on “Hurt me.

    1. We have solid wood doors, just redid them all. They are beautiful to boot, knotty pine. It’s the best decision we ever made. We also get up a good hour before they do. ๐Ÿ˜

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      1. Ah yes we have all wood as well, and plaster walls. I find the noise travels through the vents!
        We’re up much earlier than anyone else but it’s like they have a sixth sense or something! Lol just too many close calls and repercussions for us i guess.
        I’m glad you’ve found a way! ๐Ÿ‘

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      2. LoL Four or so yrs ago my oldest was telling his then gf that his parents ‘were a bit kinky’! OYE!
        He’s a truth teller that one, just wish it wasn’t *my* truth, and to others!!! ๐Ÿ˜› LMAO

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      3. LOL. That’s hilarious! I’m pretty sure my boys know there are things going on, but don’t say anything. I know they’ve heard me call him Master. I’m sure they were thinking, ‘not touching that one.’ Ha ha!

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