When Master Wins, minnie wins!

This weekend I got to hit subspace pretty completely – as in, it completely satisfied me! I’ve been needing it for a while. Master and I have been on a ‘waning‘ phase due to work and the regular stress of life. At times like these I can feel it build up in me. I also become less submissive, and perhaps a tiny bit argumentative.
Just a teeny-tiny bit… 😛 Ok, ok, a noticeable amount. But that’s all I’ll admit to.

The release is amazing, and keeps me high for days. Not subspace high, but high on life for days. I love being high on life. I’m just plain happy. I feel more submissive, more confident. I feel the most like my minnie self. I want to please my Master, especially. I am the most content, the most playful, and the most in love following such a play space. If it would work into our life that we could somehow do this every single weekend, (or dare I say…every few days), and no kids would interrupt, and work stayed out of the way, and family obligations wouldn’t get their jam in our jelly, I think I would be one happy minnie. But, alas, life is life.

This weekend it came about when minnie got a little fiesty, and turned the shower cold on Master. Ahh, that naughty little minnie. She has a way of teasing Master. Out of the shower she pranced first, proclaiming “minnie wins!”

Boy, was Master was ready to play after that.

We played Master Wins, where minnie got a spanking until she broke, and had to proclaim that “Master wins”, not minnie. By the time she called it, she\I was pretty well into subspace, numb lips and all. I find it pretty hard to ask for things in this space, at least not without coming down some first. If I could have, I would have asked for the flogger, and then I would have been as high as a kite! And relaxed as one too. The flogger does that to me. It’s like some kind of impact based acupuncture. Alas, I couldn’t get my voice to work past the thought.

It is very easy for me to orgasm on command in subspace. The endorphins are so high, it is a nice place to play in. Coming down always takes a bit of time, and that phase is another nice place for orgasms. Afterwards, I tend to need time just laying on my own with only light touches. My whole body becomes so sensitive that all touch becomes very powerful. This weekend, I wasn’t at my ‘highest.’ If I was, a lot of touching could become overwhelming. Plus, I’m just tired. Simply laying there and resting is my after care.

When I drift back into full consciousness, Master says I purr like a kitten. This is when I cuddle up to him, up into him. I could stay in that space all day, purring like a kitten, curled up at his feet – if it were allowed. (i.e. I didn’t have motherly responsibilities and such.) Either way, it’s shaping up to be a pretty great week!

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  1. Oh I can relate to this so much. If life gets in the way of fun too much I do a lot of listless sighing. S. quickly sees the sign and he rectifies the situation. 🙂

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