Becoming minnie.

I got my name from Mr.R. We were fresh into this D/s, 24/7/365 life, maybe a week. I told him I wanted a submissive name over a text. We were sitting next to each other in the living room. There were prying ears around, but I didn’t want to wait. I couldn’t wait. Not another minute. He must have felt the same, because he had this one ready to go; it popped right out, first text back. I liked the nature of it; the combined diminutiveness and the cuteness, without it being taken over by those things. Plus, it was a name he could call me in front of other people, unlike a submissive title (i.e. slave). Since then, minnie has become my name and my personality as a submissive.

When master first started calling me minnie, is was kept private. Very private. It started as play, coming out in kink. Then it moved into a regular submissive name, but stayed in the bedroom, or in times when we were alone. Slowly, it has moved beyond that.

I still remember the first time Master called me minnie in front of other people. We were in public, and Master was buying me boots – fancy, handmade leather boots. I lust after nice boots with good heels. Master was at the cash register, and I got sidetracked by a shiny thing to the side. (Master pays for everything for me, it is in our protocols and expectations.) “MINNIE!” It came out like a snap, a command. It sent a thrill through me, my pussy tightened, my spine tingled. He’d said it in public, in front of other people. The lady bagging my boots popped up and looked at me. I smiled.

In the beginning being called minnie gave me the same thrill it gave Master. It put me in a submissive headspace. In the beginning it’s easy to go there. Master once told me I had to say ‘please’ and ‘thank you’ to ask him for things. Oh fuck, I think I hit subspace right there! (Not literally, but you get the idea.) I was wet, horny, ready to kneel. I had never talked like that to him before, to ask his permission, to say please for little things, like pass-the-salt kind of little things – fuck yes!. This was just after the third time he agreed to be my Dom. And it was ALL HOT, all the time.

But with the natural waxing and waning of life and sex, it doesn’t stay like that all the time. Being called minnie, no longer gets me instantly hot. It doesn’t need to. I don’t need it to. Master doesn’t need it to. It just is who I am.

I am minnie. minnie is me.

6 thoughts on “Becoming minnie.

  1. I used to say I was submissive 24/7 but that isn’t strictly true. There is a time we play and it isn’t about submission so I have my real name. However if I am sailing close to the wind and being slightly bratty I will be given a low ‘kitten’ accompanied by a frown. If S. wants to play he says kitten and instantly I am in my submission. It is like being plunged in a warm sexy tub and my body reacts deeply to the name. I like to think my full name as kitty purr purr, silly I know but that is how I feel around my darling S. I am not his pet, I don’t don cat ears or a tail. I don’t drink milk from a saucer but I do fall quickly into the calm of submission. It is amazing the power held in a name. <3 <3 <3

  2. hmm, this is something which i connect with. I have had many names and the first one that I got still sends me to my sub space. Also “Good Girl” was such big trigger, just those two words will make me do anything! It is so much exciting to have something like this which can be used in public! I love it!

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