“Again,” is all I heard.

If you've read my other posts, you'll already know I'm all about orgasm control. I love edging. I love being told 'no.' I love feeling his power and dominance over me. However, edging alone is not orgasm control. Neither is orgasm denial. Orgasm control can also be to orgasm. Orgasm control is an act of … Continue reading “Again,” is all I heard.

How do you make hard decisions?

We live in the PNW. I wasn't born here, and I can always tell a difference. We moved here just before my 6th grade year, the last year of elementary. It took my family over 10 years to be considered locals, and even then there are some who would still call us new-comers. There is … Continue reading How do you make hard decisions?

What’s at the bottom of a yo-yo?

I thought I'd give a little update on my weight loss. I turned over the control on this to Master several months ago (January, I think...). This is something he should have the control over for my emotional well being. I've dieted in the past, and the pressure seriously fucks with my brain until I … Continue reading What’s at the bottom of a yo-yo?

I’ll take some Rules, Consequences, and Pretty Things.

I would argue all relationships have rules. Maybe they aren't written down, but they are there, under the surface. An expectation or a condition that, if it isn't met, has consequences. They naturally grow and change with time, and are driven by some need, either spoken or silent, by one or both of the partners. … Continue reading I’ll take some Rules, Consequences, and Pretty Things.

Still Alive!

I'm officially recovered from pneumonia! Which happened to be followed by a nasty stomach flu that flowed through the house, and took everyone down one-by-one like the nastiest game of battleship ever. It was miserable. Luckily it is over now, and all I have to take is probiotics and get extra sleep. Our trip to … Continue reading Still Alive!

Pneumonia sucks

Yup, you heard it here. Pneumonia sucks. I should know. I have it. It sucks. The last three weeks have been trying and busy. Part of it was vacation, which was awesome. Maybe little minnie will report on that later. However, I knew that was coming, and prescheduled a couple posts. Pneumonia and extra time … Continue reading Pneumonia sucks

Night Time Car Ride; A Retelling of an Erotic Memory

The cool night air hit the car with a heavy sigh of relief. I dropped my left hand to the bottom of the steering wheel, and looked over to my Master. He starred absently out the window, watching the tops of rocky outcrops disappear into the vanishing light. Our conversation had fallen flat a few … Continue reading Night Time Car Ride; A Retelling of an Erotic Memory

The D/s Monster at the end of this post.

D/s doesn't require sex. "Wait. What? What did that say? Did that say, D/s DOESN'T require sex?" No, D/s doesn't require sex. D/s is a power exchange. It is one person giving up power while another takes the responsibility of that power in a relationship. This 30-days topic is about that power exchange and the … Continue reading The D/s Monster at the end of this post.