Night Time Car Ride; A Retelling of an Erotic Memory

The cool night air hit the car with a heavy sigh of relief. I dropped my left hand to the bottom of the steering wheel, and looked over to my Master. He starred absently out the window, watching the tops of rocky outcrops disappear into the vanishing light. Our conversation had fallen flat a few miles back. We’d already covered which molding to buy for the house, one son’s falling grades, the other son’s college possibilities, and our holiday plans 6 months out. I’d even bored him with which color of pink I should highlight my hair with; poison or jade.

Now, we had hit an area of the desert so remote that even the radio’s top 40 mix couldn’t take up the empty spaces. 

I glanced down at the odometer just in time to watch it hit 199,000 miles, and nudged my Master, “look.” I pointed. Light from the occasional street light and the moon flooded in through the sunroof, giving us plenty to see by.

“Wow. It will hit 200,000 before we get home.” He smiled.

In the ten years we’d had the Jeep, it had taken us on many journeys. We’d replaced nearly every part of it along the way. Everything except the engine and the air conditioner. The latter of which turned out to be a mistake. Our desert road trip had turned into a test of our fortitude. We’d spent the day juggling back and forth between opening the windows for fresh air, and closing the windows to escape the noise of the freeway.

Sweat dripped out from under my hair, and I hit the button to roll down my window. Again.

The evening breeze slipped in and ran down the length of my body. I tugged at the top button of my blouse, letting it slide in a little deeper.

“Take it off.”

“What?” I looked into my Master’s eye. He wasn’t joking.

“I won’t repeat myself.”

I held the wheel with my left hand, and tugged at each button. Master adjusted his position to get the best view, a sly grin spreading across his face. With each additional button undone, the front of my shirt flipped a little more loosely in the breeze.

I worked on getting each arm out, sliding the shoulder of my shirt down, until it was pinned behind my back. Off, but pinned.

A single finger on my shoulder was all it took for him to command me to lean forward. Master grabbed my shirt, and threw it deep into the back of the Jeep. There would be no reaching it. Not without pulling over, which didn’t happen on the freeway.

I was left in my thin, white bra. The fabric was transparent across my breasts. Delicate seams ran up the cups, peaking at my pierced nipples. They were easily visible. Everything was. My hardening, erect tits, the pink jewel at the end of each bar in my nipple jewelry. I was fully exposed. I glanced into each of the side mirrors around me, watching for passerbys. It was the middle of the night, but cars still frequented the three-lane freeway, either buzzing by or driving alongside us for miles. With the light reflecting across my body, I would be easily visible to those who looked.

The full effect of the cool breeze ran across my bare body, and I arched my back, enjoying the stimulation.  

“Take it all off.” Master’s gaze didn’t break.

Oh. The surprise registered slightly on my face as I slipped my right arm out of my bra strap.

Behind me, bright lights flashed in the rearview mirror. I glanced up. Someone wanted to pass. I looked over to my Master with question in my eyes. Would they see me like this, through the car window, bra off, naked boobs lit up? The car pulled to the left of us. It would be outside my window any second. I leaned forward, to see if they were looking at me, to see if they could see in.

“Drive. Keep your eyes on the road. You’re fine.”

I sat back and locked my eyes on the lane ahead. I would not question or disobey my Master’s orders.

“You’re not done.” Master kept me focused on my job.

I slid my other arm out, and the straps of my bra dropped to my sides. I pulled at each cup, letting my breasts out into the open air. The taillights of the passing car pulled in front of us. It was a low car, lower than our Jeep. Then new headlights appeared in the rearview mirror. They were higher, a truck, maybe an SVU like ours.

“Forward.” With one finger Master pushed my shoulder. It was all the command I needed. I bent over the steering wheel, brushing my tits into the cool leather. He unhooked my bra with practiced fingers, and threw it into the back of the Jeep with my shirt. Now neither could be retrieved. Where would we stop, I wondered? A rest area? A parking lot? Under the bright lights of the next gas station? Who would be there to see me? There would be no getting out of that. Another thrill ran down my spine, adding to my already swollen pussy.

Master pulled my seat belt tight across my lap, and snapped the shoulder strap behind me. “Put your arm behind your back.” Feeling his firm grip on my right arm, I did as he ordered, pressing my right arm between my back and the seat. My entire body was now exposed to him, open and available at his will. I sat back, pinned into place, breasts pushed up, bouncing high.

The cool night air filled the cabin, and spun around my naked body. My nipple jewelry was simple today, a straight bar with pink gems at each end. The piercings had been a birthday present to my Master some time ago. The vertical hood piercing, currently rubbing against my throbbing clit, was for me.

Master’s attention fell on my exposed breasts. He wrapped his hand under each, one at a time, fondling his way to my nipples. His fingers ran across my curves, sending shivers up my spine, until I felt him on my tits. My body quivered under his touch.

The car lights from behind us were in my driver’s side mirror. They must have pulled up while I focused on the lane ahead. That made three vehicles on the freeway surrounding us. How many could see in? How many already watched?

Master continued to play, and I arched my back. His fingers twirled around my tits, twisting and flicking. My pussy throbbed. It was swollen, wet, soaking through my panties. My back arched into it, and my mouth began to drop open.

Inside me, a beast grew. My back arched again, and I bit my lip. I tried to fight against it, to remain in control. I felt the truck out my window, heard their engine rev. My pussy revved with it, and I began to lose the battle against the beast inside me.

My mouth fell open, and I heard a moan escape. Master continued to play. My tits became his play thing, his toy. He used them to force me closer and closer to climax. I couldn’t help but pulse my hips against the strap holding me down, thrusting to the rhythm of the orgasm building inside me. He pushed into my right arm, keeping it firmly pinned behind me, reminding me again who was in control, who was the fuck toy, and who did the fucking.

I pressed my left palm into the steering wheel, arching my back. I forced my eyes to stay open, to stay on the lane ahead of us. I became aware of the truck out my window. Aware they could see in. Aware of my naked breasts, my naked tits – twisted and pulled, played with like the fuck toy they were to my Master.

They could watch. The people in the truck. They would watch as I lost all control. As I crumpled over the wheel, pushing and arching into the pleasure. As I moaned loud enough to escape the open window in the car, loud enough to break through the roar of the road, to drift across the wind. Master flicked and twisted at my nipples. “Now, slut. Now, you cum.” He grabbed the wheel, and watched the light in my eyes sparkle, watched me lose focus as I gave in, and the beast won.

This retelling of an erotic memory has resurfaced in my after reading the orgasm post and discussion on nipple based orgasms – the nipplegasm – by Kisungura over at My Controlled Ascent. Thanks, Kisungura!

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