Pneumonia sucks

Yup, you heard it here. Pneumonia sucks. I should know. I have it. It sucks.

The last three weeks have been trying and busy. Part of it was vacation, which was awesome. Maybe little minnie will report on that later. However, I knew that was coming, and prescheduled a couple posts. Pneumonia and extra time getting eaten up by work plus moving to a new state, a new life, I didn’t preschedule. Especially the pneumonia.

So now, I’m stuck in bed, Brave on permanent replay, a pile of prescriptions beside me, grading that needs to be finished, and a nasty letter from an idiot co-worker who thinks I should go to work anyway waiting for me. (My doctor didn’t agree with her, btw.)

Ugh. Pneumonia sucks.

8 thoughts on “Pneumonia sucks

  1. UGH So sorry to hear about the pneumonia, Minnie!! That totally sucks! I can’t believe someone is dumb enough to think you should be at work!?!? Might be worth considering to send the letter to your higher ups? Depending on how nasty and what your previous experiences have been with this person, that is.

    New state, new life …. does that mean the deed is done?!?!? Eeek!! LoL And the vacation too! Can’t wait til you’re well and can share the good news! *smiles* Hope you feel better soon!

    1. Thanks!
      I can’t believe it either, that she would think I should go, or her attitude. I may still send it in to my boss, just cuz she was so out of line

      We have some great job offers down there! So maybe. We are going back one more weekend and waiting for a pay scale. Hoping it all works out! Thanks!!

  2. Yes, that sucks big time and I’m sorry this has come at such a buzz time in your life. That’s very inconsiderate of pneumonia. Get well soon and hit that play button from more brave.

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