“Again,” is all I heard.

30 Days of D/s by Loving BDSM and Kayla Lords

If you’ve read my other posts, you’ll already know I’m all about orgasm control. I love edging. I love being told ‘no.’ I love feeling his power and dominance over me.

However, edging alone is not orgasm control. Neither is orgasm denial. Orgasm control can also be to orgasm.

Orgasm control is an act of submission where the submissive gives up the power of their orgasm to their Dom. Not all submissives do this. I do. My Master has complete control and power over my orgasms. He decides when, where, and how I orgasm. This is part of my sexual submission to him. For me, it is hard to imagine one without the other, so I am grateful that sexual submission is the very next 30 days topic.

Lately, my Master has been in the mood to watch me orgasm. In fact, just the other night…

We were laying in bed, just about to drift off when I felt his hand slide under my panties and onto my clit. He pulled back, and told me to take them off. Naked, with the blankets kicked onto the floor, I laid back down and got the simple command to go to work. I laid the tip of my finger across my hood, the vertical, black bar of my piercing pinned under my finger and against my clit. And work, I did.

Following my Master’s orders I began to edge myself. We played like this, shifting to various exploits of play. At his command, I took Master’s cock into my mouth, and felt his finger slide into my ass. My focus went to stopping myself from orgasming. I already knew the rule – not until his cock was deep inside me.

Then, he laid back, and gave me another command – to ride his cock. I threw my leg over him, bracing the palms of my hands against on his shoulders. His cock slid deep into my cunt, and the reality around me melted into nothing. All that existed was the sensation of him filling me, the waves of orgasm rippling through my body, taking control of me. I pressed my hips into him, rocking, riding rhythmically.

Arms folded behind his head, he watched. My mouth fell open, unable to speak, unable to breath. He smiled, silent, an on-looker under my hips as I writhed into a mass of quivering pleasure.

“Again.” is all I heard.

7 thoughts on ““Again,” is all I heard.

  1. I know all about orgasm denial and being made to cum. I, like you, cum only when my Queen says. So I’ve gone 485 days without and a little over a week ago I came twice in one day! It is her choice…

  2. I just did this prompt and had basically nothing to say about it. In fact, I just put it out there for others to respond to. I get the “idea” of orgasm control being sexy…I mean, when i read about it (like in this post), I find it hot…it just has never been our thing. Maybe after Mr. D reads all these posts he’ll get a wild hair…

    1. MrR has done that exactly. I’ve sent him links, or showed him a paragraph, and it’s worked into what we do.
      I love orgasm control, as I’m sure you noticed. I think worth a try, at least. Even if it isn’t always what you do.

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