Trust is a five-letter word.

I think a D/s relationship, especially a 24/7 D/s relationship requires an unusually high level of trust. Higher then most relationships, higher then a standard vanilla relationship. It also fosters and grows a heightened level of trust, making the need and feeding of trust cyclic. I think a great deal of that trust building comes … Continue reading Trust is a five-letter word.

I couldn’t possibly tell you that!

Inspired by The Erotic Journal Challenge by Bridget Delaney. Embarrassing... Have you ever been embarrassed to ask your partner for something sexually? Have you ever had an embarrassing sexual moment? Is there something about yourself you are embarrassed to show or share? I use to be embarrassed to discuss my sexual fantasies. Once, long ago, … Continue reading I couldn’t possibly tell you that!

A change is coming.

Mr.R and I are closing in on our move. Our house is in the most orderly disarray possible. Everything is set to show the house for potential buyers, it is all so shiny. And also impossible to really live in. A necessary evil. We've had many showings, a couple offers (that we turned down), and … Continue reading A change is coming.

Is there any good to be found in a frenzy?

Sub frenzy - Sub-frenzy, or submissive frenzy, is a term applied to newcomers to the kink and BDSM scene who experience a frenzy or rush to experience all the things kink has to offer sometimes bypassing common sense or good judgment to do so. ( When I saw this topic, I said to myself that … Continue reading Is there any good to be found in a frenzy?

Flogging, a girl’s best friend.

Spanking has got to be the gateway drug into D/s and BDSM in general. And why wouldn't it be? Spanking is the best! I, personally, can't seem to stop talking about it. I even had to make a whole category. A standard leather flogger. Flogging is the next step up, spanking's big sister, if you … Continue reading Flogging, a girl’s best friend.

A bit of reaffirmation.

As expected our vanilla life is swelling, and it has become a struggle to maintain a feeling of submissiveness. If it wasn't for our morning routine, I think our D/s would fall apart. We are doing a lot to sell our house right now, which is enormously stressful and the tip of the iceberg for … Continue reading A bit of reaffirmation.

I won’t do it again. Pinky Promise.

I was rummaging around over at Rebel's Notes, and rather enjoying my reading when I came across her most recent post. It was a response to the following question. What have you done sexually, that you would never do again? I'm not sure where she got this prompt, and it's not the kind of soul … Continue reading I won’t do it again. Pinky Promise.

We are hitting the road!

Yup, you heard it. We are definitely moving. We made the final decision earlier this week after spending 4 days in Southern California (with the boys), and checking the area out. Here's my PRO List:1. I get to do my dream job. I feel like this deserves more than a single point count. Like maybe … Continue reading We are hitting the road!

Spank me, please? It’s a thing of beauty.

Mr.R is the only person I have ever trusted to spank me, or use impact play with me in any way. If we did open the door for someone else to spank me, I think that would fall squarely into the straight up kink category. However, with Mr.R, spanking it by far more then just … Continue reading Spank me, please? It’s a thing of beauty.