Can I please you now, Master?

30 Days of D/s by Loving BDSM and Kayla Lords

I am sexually submissive to my Master, and I love it. I love being my Master’s fuck-toy. Literally. I love knowing he can, and will take me when, where, and how he wants, and that it is for his personal satisfaction, not mine. I am actually more interested, more turned on, when I know it is for his pleasure, and not mine. In fact, the more he asks if I like it, the less I do.

Sexual submission goes hand-in-hand with orgasm control, at least for me. I am sure there are plenty of others where these things don’t cross over. But for me, they do. I am sexually available and sexually submissive to my Master’s desires all the time. This includes giving up the power of my orgasms.

I like being his toy, a thing to be played with. One of my favorite things to do is lay across his lap while he watches TV. He will pull my skirt up, panties down, he will position me to his liking, spank me, play with my pussy, my ass, my clit. I have a glass anal plug that, when properly lubed, works more like a dildo then a plug. He will fuck with me as long as he likes, watching TV in between, and then push me off when he’s had enough.

I like the term fuck-toy, for him to call me that. I like the objectifying feeling of it. I like knowing I am there specifically for his pleasure. I like knowing he is taking what he wants, how he wants, and when he wants. It makes me feel valued and desirable in an immediate, complete kind of way. I also find it hot as fuck!

My old, vanilla, feminist self, would have gawked at this. She would have judged, and never understood. She would have cited the stacks of literature she read, the misuse of the female figure in media, the extending pattern of abuse that floats out from it. (She’s also dead. I killed her.😁) I think it was this hung up view that stopped me from the freedom I have found in enjoying it. She also made the mistake of crossing over the misuse of the female figure into all realms of objectification. Which was a huge mistake on her part, but that’s another post…

Now, I am a free woman. It’s funny what a set of rules can do to you, how much more free I feel. How much better sex I have! 😜

So, sexual submission? Yes please!

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