Celestial Tattoo

I got my second tattoo done! (Well, second of the three new ones I had planned, 4th tattoo in total.)

I super love this one! I went to a different artist. The artist consultation I originally went to a while back didn’t fully jive with me, so I have been bouncing around, looking for someone else. I super like this guy, and may go back and ask him to touch up the bow in my minnie tattoo.

Both the sun and moon have some significance to my marriage, my D/s, and me personally in ways I can’t explain. The D/s part is pretty easy to sum up.
My Master is my sun, and I recite that significance every morning in my mantra. He is the center of my universe, his presence warms me, and I need his power to grow.
I am the moon.

These photos were taken the morning following it being done, so it’s still pretty fresh here. I keep coconut oil on it for moisturizing. Overall, it feels pretty good, better then the one on my thigh. My minnie tattoo was always sore and painful. I think because it is so high up on my thigh, it sat against my body at times. It was also hard to keep in the open air.

This is my 4th tattoo. I have a cover up planned, but no new, additional ones. BUT… Who knows what the future will bring. 🙂

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