Spank me, please? It’s a thing of beauty.

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Mr.R is the only person I have ever trusted to spank me, or use impact play with me in any way. If we did open the door for someone else to spank me, I think that would fall squarely into the straight up kink category. However, with Mr.R, spanking it by far more then just kink.

Spanking actually starts our day every morning. Mr.R spanks or flogs me as part of our morning ritual. It is part of our kink, sends me to sub space, and reinforces our power dynamic. Though, to leave it at that would be seriously undercutting the importance spanking plays in my life. Spanking and impact play in general have become such an integral part of what we do, I can’t imagine our life without it. I can’t imagine myself without it. It is how I feel balanced, and is a part of me.

If we have an off night, wake up feeling out of place, or feel separate from each other in any way, it is the spanking in the morning ritual that pulls us back together. If I am upset, stressed out, or worried, a good therapy spanking or flogging will wash it all away. If I feel lost from my roll, our D/s feels off, or I need a reminder of our power dynamic, a spanking will pull me right back in. And, it’s not just me, the receiver of the spanking. It goes both ways. Mr.R is equally emotionally satisfied, empowered, and moved as he gives me a spanking. We both come out feeling centered and complete. Our heads’ feel cleared, and our roles reaffirmed.

When it comes to therapy spankings, I really love the way kisungura describes it. It tears you down, and builds you right back up again, because that’s what you need. It’s like a good cry, a release of pressure. Receiving a serious bit of impact play, or a therapy spanking, can pull me right back into myself, leaving any bit of stress, anxiety or negativity behind. I find I can deal with more, am able to make better decisions, no longer feel overwhelmed, and give off more positive energy though my day.

I’ve been needing these a lot lately, especially with the stress of the move and new life coming up. As a family, we’ve been all over the place emotionally and mentally, and I’ve carried a lot of weight over it. It led me to requesting a therapy spanking last weekend, which isn’t my habit. The bruises hung around for a few days, which isn’t any kind of a limit for me, but is for Mr.R, which is okay. It isn’t the only time I have needed a therapy spanking over this approaching new phase in our life. Mr.R has noticed a couple times when I have needed a therapy spanking before I have. It’s always a huge release when he notices first. Not because I don’t have to ask, but because I relax into it more. I can’t explain why, I just know that I break down faster, more completely, and feel very well cared for at the end. Once he even transformed me during our morning ritual, which couldn’t have more then 10 to 20 minutes.

When I consider the history of spanking in my life, it has not only increased greatly in frequency, but has really metamorphosed into something of true beauty; moving from a place of fear, to one of kink, to a place of great intimacy, trust and bonding.

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11 thoughts on “Spank me, please? It’s a thing of beauty.

  1. I really enjoyed this and the value of spanking to your dynamic really came across. I love the detail you have included 🙂

    1. It really is! It is hard to keep up when we are traveling with the kids, we really miss it those times.
      But it is so worth it!!

  2. Spanking therapy does it include question and answer session?!….ive a lot to unload 🙂

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