We are hitting the road!

Yup, you heard it. We are definitely moving. We made the final decision earlier this week after spending 4 days in Southern California (with the boys), and checking the area out.

Here’s my PRO List:
1. I get to do my dream job. I feel like this deserves more than a single point count. Like maybe 10 point, or ONE-THOUSAND! Not only do I get to teach art, but I get to teach ceramics!!! I could never get this job here. Our school district isn’t big enough, and the position is rare. The position is rare everywhere, so finding it and getting hired into it is kind of a big deal. Even in their district this is the first time an art position has been open in 15 years. In fact, the position is rare enough I feel like I could stop here, and it alone would be reason enough to move. However, I also think that would be a little too selfish, so I needed more reasons.
2. My youngest will get better technology opportunities at school. We live in a small rural school, and being an insider, I know our only technology class (robotics) is getting cut next year. Students here barely even get to use chromebooks on a regular basis because the district just doesn’t fund stuff like that. In this MUCH larger district, it is a real priority. I’ve already seen more stuff there then I even knew existed for students. For most kids this wouldn’t be a big selling point, but for our youngest, this is huge. Right now, my youngest (16 years) has a set up that literally spans across his entire bedroom. It’s important for his personal interests and future.
3. More sun. I need more sun in my life. Not only do I suffer from a serious vitD deficiency, but also Seasonal Affective Disorder. I come alive when summer hits. I feel great. Everyone around me notices a difference. My sister says I wear summer well. I have more energy, more patience. I am just plain happy. I would love to feel that good year round, instead of only 2-3 months of the year. Under the clouds I spend the rest of the year feeling trapped in a box, waiting for a chance to escape. I feel the weight of the overcast skies, the rain, the darkness. My house feels like a shoe box.
4. It’s the desert. This isn’t a huge selling point for everyone in my family, but it is for me. I LOVE the desert. I lived in Phoenix once, and visit New Mexico whenever I get the chance. Where we’re going isn’t my desert of choice, but it’ll do. The best thing about the desert is the noticeable lack of winter, or overcast skies, or darkness. (See #3 above.)
5. Disneyland. This is a big draw for Mr.R. He actually picked the state and region in part because it is closer to Disneyland. He would totally live in Disneyland if he could. If the desert is my draw, this is his.
6. New places, new sights, new things to do. This might technically be a neutral point, because the con side is giving up the comfort of what we know. In that way they might cancel each other out. But it is still fun and rewarding for us to be around new things and new places. We are excited to get to see all the places down there we haven’t yet. We are big into hiking, state and national parks, long country drives, and new cultures. This will be a total and complete change for us from anything we’ve ever done before. Outside of the year I spent in Phoenix (before we were even married) this will be the biggest city we’ve ever lived in – at all.
7. We got a HUGE house. This is a new development, but also a big draw for everyone in the house, especially the guys. It has a pool, a spa, and 5 bedrooms. There’s a big yard, and an extra sliding glass door off the master’s bedroom into the back yard. It’s not our usual style, but seems to be the going thing down there. There’s just under another 1,000 square feet then what we have now. FUCK, who is going to clean it?
…Maybe this is a con.

Our time line is very tight over the next two months, and our new jobs start in early August. I already feel my writing\blogging time is suffering. I have to get my current house show ready by Monday, and am freaking out. It hasn’t sold yet, and needs to close before the other one can. We also can’t afford to drop the price a lot. So it will be a race. I am just trusting in the path that has opened for us, and that what is meant to be will be opened up.

I’m predicting a lot of stress. With that, I expect it to be hard to maintain our D/s really well. Especially since many of the jobs that have to be done are places where I normally take the lead, make the decisions, and bark out commands to make sure everything gets done. It will be hard to stay submissive during this transition. I am the list maker, the kid-checker, the fast packer, also the neurotic one. It will be a test to me to be able to calm down and listen to my Master. And honestly, he will have to be strict with me if he wants to make it happen. He may not want to. He is under an immense amount of stress for lots of other outside reasons that aren’t on here, and too vast to explain. We will see what comes of it. Maybe I’ll be on constant punishment. Maybe things will wane a bit, and we’ll have to recenter when we get moved in down there.
Maybe both.

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  1. Super exciting!!! I know what you mean between finding that submissive feeling when you are actively in charge of certain things. I’m offering up two ready rabbit ears if you need to decompress!! 😉

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