A change is coming.

Mr.R and I are closing in on our move. Our house is in the most orderly disarray possible. Everything is set to show the house for potential buyers, it is all so shiny. And also impossible to really live in. A necessary evil. We’ve had many showings, a couple offers (that we turned down), and lots of potential. The house we had pending in CA we canceled due to some things popping up in the inspection. All the goings-on make me think about what our life will be like next year.

We have moved many times, and lived many different lives. I have really found that your space, both in your house architecture, and the broader geography of your yard, town and region all work to determine the habits and rituals you take on during the day.

Extreme weather, -20 outside for example, determines how many layers you have to wear, which determines when you need to start putting gear on. A large eat-in kitchen versus a small, cramped galley kitchen can determine whether you cook and clean together or get frustrated running into each other. These small things can affect larger aspects of your life.

Ritual - an act or series of acts regularly repeated in a set precise manner

This house is the only house we have lived in as a 24/7 dominate and submissive couple. I can’t help but let my mind wander into the future, and wonder how being there will change us, change our routines.

Our morning routine is very important to both of us. It sets up for the day, and reminds us of who we are committed to, and why. It clears any negative energy, bad moods, or ill feelings toward each other. And while it has changed a bit since I first wrote about it, I can’t imagine any part of it I want to let go. Yet I know it will have to give some.

Master and I will be working in the same school, and thereby leaving at the same time every morning. Our current routine only works because I leave about 30 minutes after him right now. I really only get up when I do to see him off. We made small changes to the way our routine worked since February, mostly so that I wasn’t getting up before him. It became too big of a load on me. I had to give up some acts of submission in order to make my morning work. But next year, I won’t have the additional 30 minutes to get ready after he leaves. How will we accommodate for that time I need to be dressed and ready? What acts will I have to give up? What will we replace it with?

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  1. I hope your house sale goes through profitably and quickly. Trying to keep a house immaculate for showings is difficult to do. I also hope you find an even better place where you’re going. Best of luck!!

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