I couldn’t possibly tell you that!

Inspired by The Erotic Journal Challenge by Bridget Delaney.

Embarrassing... Have you ever been embarrassed to ask your partner for something sexually? Have you ever had an embarrassing sexual moment? Is there something about yourself you are embarrassed to show or share?

I use to be embarrassed to discuss my sexual fantasies. Once, long ago, I was embarrassed even to admit that I had them. Entering into 24/7 D/s changed that in me. I’m not sure why. Maybe I felt I wasn’t being submissive if I didn’t tell my Master? Maybe I just finally accepted them as okay? Maybe I was so hot and turned on all the time I couldn’t keep my mouth shut? Whatever it was, the embarrassment is gone now.

At the beginning of our D/s I didn’t stop bringing up my fantasies. Some were secret desires that I’d long held, but never admitted to. Some were more recent, brewing slowly in the back of my mind. Some were very fresh, brought on by our power exchange and my new freedom. Some even surprised me. There were so many, that we couldn’t possibly live them all out, not even just the simple ones. There simply wasn’t enough time! There’s also a limit to what we could get away with when two teenagers live right outside your bedroom door.

My fantasies have quite the range, everything from consensual non-consent (which surprised me), to acts of humiliation, to voyeurism (an oldie but a goody). Most of my favorites all have to do with bondage and voyeurism. And, of course, I am always submissive.

I’m not sure what Master did with all those fantasies, but I’m sure he has them hidden away somewhere, like precious gems waiting for a rainy day. 🙂

15 thoughts on “I couldn’t possibly tell you that!

  1. Opening up and sharing 100% of m sexual thoughts, dreams, desires, and fantasies was definitely a mix of embarrassment and fear. However, the results have been incredible and while not required, my husband reciprocated. That allowed us to discuss what we really want to move to the “reality” list or keep on the “fantasy” list. If you can’t be 100% authentic and transparent with your partner due to fear and embarrassment, I believe that means there isn’t complete trust in your partner. I trust my husband with all my “secrets.” It’s still a bit uncomfortable at times, but well worth it. Great topic and happy to hear that it worked for you.

    1. What a great idea! Maybe we should do something similar. That would at least let us set realistic expectations. 😀

      1. It’s a great way to even think through your sexual desires and truly seperating what you just like to think about versus what you may actually want to try. Good luck! Be vulnerable!!

    2. Agree! I could never do that in the past. But now with the encouragement of my “teacher” who has guided me through past inhibitions and shame I am able to launch out myself. I have 2 women as well as Maria who I am totally honest with. One who I am honest but ot yet totally revealing. But she is a beautiful journey .

  2. I have opened up to my Queen about all my fantasies. I couldn’t do that with my first wife. She shut me down over some of my tamer fantasies. There was no way I would broach the really extreme ones. lol

    1. Never tried the D lifestyle. Not sure exactly what the appeal is, although I’m interested to learn. Personal preference is for complete openness through equality, but exciting to read the posts! Who knows???

      1. I once thought there same thing. The D/s lifestyle brings about a change that is hard … maybe impossible, to fully describe without doing it. We started 20 years into our marriage, didn’t think we could get any closer or more open, but somehow we did. It’s amazing.

  3. I think that’s brilliant. What works for anyone is what we all need to do. So you are monogamous? At the end of the day we all need to find our place. You need to be proud of yours! I really enjoy being exposed to different things. Who knows where we may end u?

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