Hello world! I am still alive, and I have missed you!

Wow, I can’t believe how long it has been. (So much for my 3 posts a week rule… oops.) I am still here, however, and have so much catching up to do. There were so many great prompts I had really wanted to participate in, some I even half way wrote out early. I will just have to put them out late. In truth, I have really missed all you guys!! It is interesting how much this feels like a great friendship ring out here in the blogging D\s-M\s e-world.

We have moved, and are somewhat settled in. Regular daily routines are still in flux, and there are boxes sitting around, waiting to be unpacked. But things are moving in the right direction, and I can see the end. It has been quite the roller coaster. Well, if you hate roller coasters, always puke when you get on them, but do it anyway because it is the only way to get to the other end. What, you don’t ride that kind? Seriously, I’ve had some extremely stressful weeks over selling our house, buying this one, moving our job, kids, family, life, and all under an incredible time crunch. So much so, it threw my thyroid and adrenal glads out of wack, which in turn increases stress and anxiety, causes dramatic mood swings and a loss of sleep (to name a few things). I am presently working on getting them back to health, which will take a while. But I am glad to be on the other side now, and able to look back and see the pattern.

This is where our D/s steps in. Master asked me if the waning of of D/s was part of my stress, and the truth is no. It is totally normal for it to wane, to fade into the background as you have to deal with life for a while. It is natural to let it slip. Maintaining a D/s relationship on a 24/7 basis does take a certain amount of energy and time. When all your energy goes into staying afloat having some left over to give to someone else isn’t always reasonable. So, a natural slip back into old habits is to be expected. D/s, though, like I told Mr.R is the cure.

We never let our morning routine slip away, though it hasn’t been possible to do it every single day in the same practiced precision. Which is okay, and maybe good. It has still been here, holding us together. And it is now picking up again, as the rest of our life feels more settled.

Presently, I am grounded from orgasms for a week. No, it’s not a punishment. It is a balancing for the many, many times I have cum over the past several weeks – as Master has said. For me, it is also a pleasure to be edging again, to feel his power over me in a daily reminder. And a daily reminder it is, literally. He had me put an alarm in my phone that goes off every morning to remind me that I am not allowed to cum. Right now, it is a for a week, but it will ultimately up to him if the 7th day is the last day or not. We will see. I am also to ensure he does cum every morning, and that I swallow ‘every last drop’ – my whore’s breakfast. 🙂 There’s more to it then a simple blow job, I may need to write some of it up into a story sometime. He wields his cock like a great sword, and I can do little but to cower at its greatness, hoping I can be humble enough to be given the privilege to see it and even to touch it. The whole thing gets me so worked up, even now, just in thought, I may actually need to be tied up over night to keep from breaking the rules. 😛


I have much reading to do to catch up, and am looking forward to it. I would also love to hear from all of you. What’s going on in your world?

15 thoughts on “Hello world! I am still alive, and I have missed you!

  1. Hi Minnie
    Have just started reading your blog and it is so interesting the 24/7 d/s dynamic I too have a submissive side which because of the way I live I keep under wraps (mainly!)
    I’ve got lots of questions but I’ll not inundate you and please tell me if you’d rather not answer I completely understand!
    When did you first believe yourself to be submissive?
    How did it manifest initially?
    And how did it initiate with your master ..what drew him to you/you to him?
    Its just a subject I find really interesting to be completely controlled and how ones independent thoughts sit with the dynamic.
    Many thanks John/Chubs 🙂

    1. I’m happy to any any question I can! Feel free to inundate me! Email more questions, if you want. I’ll answer anything I can, maybe put it in a post, if that’s okay with you. hisminnie1@gmail.com

      We have been married for 21+ years, so for us being drawn together had nothing to do with D/s. It was more fate.

      I have had a submissive side that I denied for many years, believing it to be a weakness, especially in the light of feminist teachings and groups I’ve been a part of. When I let go of that, I become much more free. I asked my Master/husband to be my Dom last year, working up to it for a couple years before going 24/7. We talked about it A LOT, and I really had to explain myself to him before he understood what I was asking for and why. (I have posted about some of the conversations we had, and his commitment to me made three times before being fully in).
      If I was going to explain what D/s is, what makes the dynamic, I would start by killing a common misconception, that it creates an inequality. It does not. It does create a power dynamic, however it is carefully balanced between you both. It takes great strength to be submissive, and while they’re is a surrender of power, they’re is not a surrender of control. There is no risk or threat to independent thought. It still exists in all the same ways it does outside the dynamic. There are some other things; humility, submission, relaxation, trust, security.

      I will think on some of this more, and write again also, maybe in a post, where I can say more.
      This is a great discussion! Thanks so much for asking.

    1. Thanks! I’m also super into orgasm denial. It keeps me on the edge of my seat, both literally and figuratively waiting for Him to return.
      Our breakfasts are still just as entertaining. 😉

  2. Moving and dealing with all the change that entails is indeed stressful. It’s understandable that you may have let posting slide—expected really. Glad things are rounding back out to form now!!

  3. Hi Minnie
    I didn’t expect such a rapid response!
    I was looking at another blog in a similar d/s relationship and I saw your returning message flag up and started reading your blog contents.

    Many thanks for trying to explain what is a truly personal arrangement between partners.
    If my curiosity sparks more questions thanks for the offer of emailing. .that is kind of you.

    Kind regards John

  4. Well done be on getting settled after moving, I know that an be a big shift in routine. Look forward to hearing your thoughts on the week of denial

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