A punishment, a humiliation, a fantasy

I’m perched on the end of the bed, laid back, legs spread wide with each knee tied to the corresponding bed post. The position holds my pussy wide open, putting it on display. The binds are tight, and positioned up high enough it doesn’t matter how hard I kick, there’s no moving out of it.

Master stands over me, looking down at my open cunt.

I look away, unable to stop his probing eyes.

It’s a hot afternoon, and Master has a fan blowing. “Will you turn the fan off, please?” I try to be gracious. I know he likes it on, but it’s blowing on my open pussy and isn’t entirely comfortable.

His hand moves swiftly. A sharp sting burns my cheek. I touch my face absentmindedly, fingering the hand-shaped red mark that I know lies there. I instantly feel stupid. I should have known better.

“Is this a punishment, minnie?”

“Yes,” I blush deeper. My comment was pushy, out of place. I was thinking of myself and not him. Any leniency he had towards me is now gone.

“And who deserves this punishment?”

“I do.” Embarrassment at my earlier actions flush through me.

He glares down at me, raising an eyebrow, waiting. I know what he wants to hear. I have already recited the lines at his command many time this morning, and had them memorized. I repeat the words again, shame flushing from my lips.

“I broke the rules, Master. I am sorry. I deserve punishment. Thank you for teaching me an important lesson.” I can’t look into his eyes.

Master moves up above my head, stepping out of my view, but not before turning the fan up to high.

I had been stupid, really stupid. I knew the rules. I wasn’t allowed to cum, not without permission. When it happened, I had even promised him seconds before that I wouldn’t, I would control myself, stay strong. I was wrong. As if that wasn’t bad enough, I reveled in it, moaning and screaming loudly right in front of him. Then when he questioned me, I lied and made excuses. He could see right through me. It was stupid, really stupid, and quite frankly, beneath me. I knew better. Now, I would pay the consequences. And I deserved it.

He was currently rumbling in the nightstand above my head, and wondered what his plans for me were. He yanks my arms up above my head, and ties them to the headboard. I wish silently for the blindfold, but already know it won’t come. There will be no hiding for me. No place to shrink away to. I will have to face what he has planned head on, out in the open.

At the foot of the bed, and between my legs is a tripod holding up a video camera. I am to look directly into it without turning away, without closing my eyes. His instructions were clear. It is angled in such a way as to capture everything from my dripping pussy to my squirming face. I will all be recorded. Kept. Watched. Exposed.

Over my mouth and around my head a gag is tied, then he is again standing at the foot of the bed, looking down on me. His eyes take in my exposed body, the slippery mess between my legs, dripping with desire, and he shakes his head.

I blush, looking away.

“I won’t hear a peep, will I?”

I shake my head no, looking back at him and into the camera obediently.

“Do you deserve this?”

I nod feverishly, clumsily mumbling “yes, sir” around my gag.

He has something in his hand, something I can’t see. Deep into my cunt slides a smooth, hard toy. It presses into me forcefully, firmly. My eyes pop open as I recognize it, realization dawning of what he’s going to make my body do.

The toy is a vibrator I bought some time ago, and put away deliberately to cover with dust. It has two parts, a long dildo that rolls in waves deep inside my vagina, pressing into my g-spot, and a second clit stimulator that presses forcefully onto the hood piercing at the top of my clit. The two press together, vibrating intensely. If he turns it on, I will cum painfully fast like some shameless wanton wench, a promiscuous bitch in heat, no control, no restraint, no dignity.

Master presses it firmly into place, the simple black bar of my hood piercing, running vertically against my clit, adding to the stimulation.

He clicks it on.

My body begins to gyrate instantly, rising into the air full of pulsing desire. My cheeks flush with the humiliation I feel deep in my chest.

He looks absently at his phone, the time. “I’ll be back later. The contractor should be here any minute, and I’ve got to show him around the house. But, don’t worry, you won’t bother us.” He smiles slyly, patting my leg as he walks toward the door. The vibrator feels clamped into place, unable to fall from my swollen pussy.

He points to the camera, giving me a condescending look. “Remember where to look. Control your eyes, at least, I know you won’t be able to control anything else.” He smirks. “I will know if you ‘forget‘.” He accentuates forget, quoting my earlier break in the rules, and my body flushes with more shame.

He walks out at the sound of the doorbell. I’m left alone, with the camera staring back at me. I cum within seconds, my body writhing, my face contorted, eyes into the camera.

I hear voices near the door as my body builds again, again performing for the camera against my will. I bite my lip, trying to stay quiet and keep my eyes looking into the camera. My Master and the contractor are discussing the jobs to be done. They have moved to stand just outside my door, and I wonder what the strange man knows. Again my body spills into another orgasm. I fight the urge to look toward the door, wondering if their shadows are cast under it.

The machine continues to pulse inside my cunt, vibrating against my clit. I won’t be able to stop myself, cumming again and again, writhing against the machine deep in my cunt. I’ll be at the mercy of the toy until Master decides it’s time for me to stop. All the while, two men – one a complete stranger – discuss business right outside my door. I look into the camera, feeling the next orgasm ready to spill over. Then Master’s full plan hits me.

This will not be the culmination of my shame. No, that will come later as the video is played back to me, and I will be forced to sit and watch as my body becomes a writhing mess, without control, without dignity. The shame I feel now will be a drop in the bucket compared to watching myself in this mess. That will come later when he wants to humble me further. I know how it will go. I will have to kneel and look at myself on screen, my face flushed red with complete embarrassment, reliving what I feel happening now; watch the juice streaming from my cunt, the constant thrusting of my hips, the mix of desire, pain, and shame across my face.

Again I rise, pressing my hips into the air, full of desire without the satisfaction of something to press against. I bite my lip, hoping I am quiet enough to not earn further punishment, but also knowing my voice will carry just outside the door.

The orgasm rips through me, but I do not rest at its end. Instead my body starts up again, my punishment, my humiliation just begun.

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  1. Minnie!!! This is so deliciously good. I am so… well… wet. I have told Amanda about your post just now, and begged her to allow me to pleasure myself. She said no. 🙁 But she read it herself, and just smiled at me. The answer is still no, damn, but this is so incredibly hot.

  2. I’ve always hated the idea of being filmed so I can definitely see how that would be utterly humiliating. Amazingly sexy story.

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