Just before sunrise

It is the beginning of my 5th day of full edging, and it is getting harder to contain myself. I am mindlessly rocking my hips most of the time, and dripping wet when nude.

Last night I slept with the cuffs on, tied to the corner of the bed. In fact, I am writing this with the cuffs still on, though my binds. This is not the first time I have slept like this, and it won’t be the last.

Sleeping like this has several strong effects on me.

One, it feeds the control and dominance Master has over me, leaving me to feel humbled under his presence. Not just while I have the cuffs on, but as a lasting affect. Two, my mind reels in unending fantasies involving bondage, humiliation, and voyeurism. Combined with the 5th day of edging I could easily cum thorough thought alone, and am forced to try hard to pace myself – which is getting more difficult. I’m not sure what the punishment would be for having an orgasm without permission, but I am sure there would be one. My mind reels again at the thought and many possibilities. The final effect, contrary to what may be expected, is to have really good sleep. When Master is done playing with me, and tells me it’s time to sleep, I simply do, surrendering to the night. Normally, I would lay awake for hours.

Master likes having me tied to the bed. It makes me his, keeps me in my place. It also prevents me from being anywhere else, but next to him, in his reach, ready for his touch. His fuck toy.

As his fuck toy, I am trained appropriately. He edges me frequently, bringing me to the point of orgasm, and stopping just short. Sometimes I am to watch him play with his cock, sometimes it is his finger on my clit, sometimes he slides his cock deep inside me, or fingers with my ass. I am still not allowed to cum, not without permission. Though any one of those things would make me squirt right now, should I give in.

Lately, Master has been getting into cock worship more. I am to watch him, without touching, until he grants me permission to suck. I am to kiss him when done, and always to swallow every last drop. I am to address his cock directly, thanking him for the pleasure. He has been working into this more and more, training me. It leaves me with a great desire to bow for him, to worship at his feet more, to always be ready for him.

These are my early morning thoughts, laying beside him, waiting for his command to start the day.

27 thoughts on “Just before sunrise

  1. Goodness! It sounds so erotic, but I don’t know if I could edge like that and not cave. That takes some major willpower. But I do get the draw of a Dominant’s expectations in this, so I’m sure I would find myself doing whatever I was told to do.

    When you finally get to come, it will be so utterly satisfying!

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    1. Thanks! Tuesday is the scheduled day right now, but honestly, it’s his call. Tuesday may roll by without one, and I’ll wait longer. Especially so, since my family is visiting them from out of state.

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      1. Indeed!!!! my Daddy is a different kind of Master. i miss that level of control sometimes… and then i remember how much i love being Daddy’s little one. Somehow they just don’t mix in our dynamic. i’d not change a thing. So glad you’re having fun, fun, fun!!!! β™₯

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      2. That’s great!
        We seem to find a way to mix them. I’m not totally sure how it happened. It just was one day. For a while we flipped back and forth, and it was either one it the other for a day or a week. Now we’ve settled somewhere in the middle.
        Though sometimes he wants just one or the other, and he gets it. 😊

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      3. I’ve had a previous relationship where the 2 mixed well. With Daddy, I have traded in some of the control outside of the bedroom for a true Daddy. He’s protective, playful, strong, loving… and He dotes on me endlessly. He doesn’t discipline me ever. It sounds like a lack of leadership… it’s more about knowing me and that I won’t tolerate it well. I’d be hurt… really hurt. I miss some of the constant levels of a Dom exerting his control… but I love that Daddy lets me be little almost all the time and is soft and playful. i’d rather be loved for being a little than controlled in the end. I’m little through and through… it’s WHO i am. πŸ™‚

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      4. That sounds perfect!
        I need a little discipline. I feel better with it. I want to be told when I’ve stepped out of line, and want to be called in it, even punished for it. It makes me feel like I know I’m doing the right thing, and I know how he wants to be treated.

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      5. Agreed! Daddy will correct me verbally and ohhhh the dreaded look!!! I’m a brat but I seek to please more than anything. Playful brat? Not one who brats for the correction and punishment. Hmmm… ever since I was a kid I performed for praise. Still holds true. πŸ™‚

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  2. Right so there is room for leeway in a little/daddy relationship but not as much in a D/S relationship ..you guys must sort out a rulebook or something for novices and intrigued nosey people like moi! πŸ™‚ best wishes chubbo xx

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    1. I wish there was a rule book! I would but it in a second. In reality, each dynamic, each relationship, is as unique and individual as it’s members are! We are all our own selves, and what works for one, won’t for another. 😊

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      1. Tell me about it! I think we’re all figuring that battle on some level, some more then others. I think this community (the BDSM/D-s and extensive people) ate pretty accepting.


  3. Totally Minnie
    I’m just over 50 and I still can’t believe I’m married with kids
    Holding down 2 jobs and just being numb a lot of the time…where did all those years go!…have I been coasting?
    You betcha!!

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