An Edgy Allowance

minnie has earned an allowance! One free orgasm a month!

Master still maintains complete control over when and where, but minnie gets one freebie. Additional orgasms may possibly be earned. Stolen orgasms – since they all belong to him – get punishment.

My first allowance was granted this month, August. I’m still edging pretty high from a couple weeks ago. Master considered making me cum last Tuesday, but as family was over he changed his mind. It is his right and responsibility to decide, and fine with me.

In his words, he “rides me pretty hard” when edging, and has fucked me pretty good a couple times, testing my will power and my training. He also pushes me right to the edge nightly, sometimes again in the middle of the night, and every morning. Next he intends to begin edge training with anal sex. So far he hasn’t mostly because I orgasm that way so quickly. It would certainly take some training for me to be able to exercise the same control in anal play, but I’m confident with training it could be done.

11 thoughts on “An Edgy Allowance

    1. It does make reach orgasm SO intense!! I have super orgasms, where they repeat over and over. Once I had to beg to stop from exhaustion. 😊😊
      I can earn more with requests he gives me. It’s nothing dry in stone, just spontaneous tasks and requests. It may take several tasks to earn one also. So if I do this favor that would earn half an orgasm, and then next time would get another half, something like that.

      1. Ha ha, I have that kind of orgasms too and have been known to beg to have one and then have to beg him to stop when he won’t let up! Fun lol. I like the idea of earning orgasms..

      2. I also like the structure of it. I’ve always been sexually submissive, so I already had to have permission. But I never knew what you expect before. Now I know where I stand. It’s less orgasms then before, but I know what to expect. 🙂🙂😊

  1. I thought I was the only one who orgasmed almost instantly when Rex uses his fingers manually! We’ve never had actual anal sex though. Not yet anyway. I’m a bit nervous about it.

    1. If you decide to go that way look up anal training. It’s an important first step. I started with wearing plugs, and moved into the partner sex later. Also, lube, lube, lube.

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