Woman seeking perfection

I’m always in search of a better, more perfect anal plug. I’m sure it exists out there, but I haven’t found it yet.

My most recent purchase was the njoy pure plug. They are solid stainless steal, smooth, and high quality. All that steal makes them heavy. I got the large. It is 11 ounces, which may not sound like a lot, but believe me, it is. While their weight is delicious, I find the absolute best feature to be the handle. The swoop ring sits perfectly between my cheeks and is comfortable for long periods, lots of sitting, and holds up even in long car rides.

We actually bought two of their products, loving the first one so much we went back for another. The first one I got was the pfun plug. Yes, it is designed for hitting the prostate specifically, and no I don’t have a prostate. (At least not in the popular male sense. Women have skene glands, which are similar.) But I don’t care. It is fucking awesome! We went back for the plug after I tried walking around with this one, which isn’t necessarily it’s intended use, and it didn’t really work. Perhaps it does for others, but not me. It is also a weighty 11 ounces. That combined with the thicker stem would cause it to slide right out. Yup, I know from experience. 😉 However, the lubed up anal fucking was on! Which adds to the strengths of that little loop of a handle. Master will hold it and fuck me hard. The pfun is also fabulous pressed deep inside me while he fucks me. Double penetration done our way! I will melt into a jiggly mess, cumming all over the place without control.

While I love both of these products, I wouldn’t say either are perfect, just the best of what I have on hand. I’ve purchased assorted plugs looking for the perfect one, including the more common gem plugs, various silicone ones, and one made of glass. I find the circular gem heads uncomfortable, especially with lots of sitting, and are prone to ‘tipping in,’ so those are off my list. Silicone is rarely actually silicone, in part because the law only requires 10% silicone for it to be labeled as such. So they turn into a one-time use kind of toy. Finding a product labeled as ‘pure silicone’ is possible, but I really like the temperature play you get with steal or glass, leaving those out. Glass however, presents a different problem. The stem has to be thicker, to prevent a weak spot that may break *me shuttering in fear*, so they are great for play, but not all day wear. It is that thicker stem that keeps the rectum relaxed, and allows them to slide out, like the pfun (above).

The real benefit of silicone or glass is that they won’t set off a metal detector at security gates, like those at airports or Disneyland. Master has fantasies of me wearing an anal plug into the park and on the rides, something where all the bumps and jiggles could be felt. With my current selection, I’m sure all that steal would set off the alarm. A single button on my overalls is enough to set it off, 11 ounces of solid steal absolutely would. I can only imagine the wand beeping crazily as it passes over my ass, everyone looking at me, while I have to explain myself to the security guard. I’d probably get patted down. The humiliation I could endure (probably), but what if they didn’t let me in. I would be mortified if I let Master down like that.

In the mean time, my collection grows as I look for the perfect plug. One with the handle of the njoy, weighty, but maybe not quite so heavy, while maintaining the size. It would also be beaded or ribbed (in shape), and slightly curved, like the pfun. It’s out there. I know it is. Someday I will find it.

26 thoughts on “Woman seeking perfection

  1. Yes, yes, yes!!! The double penetration butt plug thing is unreal!!! i had no idea how good until we’d been playing around as i wore my tail and Daddy fucked me with it still in. Dear lort!!! i wasn’t prepared for that. lol Neither was He!!!! ♥ i like the temperature thing, too. Something about the cold…. 🙂

    1. I definitely wasn’t prepared when we first incorporated this into our play. I never understood the fantasy until I tried it. OMG! Yes, please! *Hand waving frantically*

  2. I’m going to look at the njoy ones. I don’t have a plug I like. Sir and I looked all through a rather large store and couldn’t find anything perfect. We settled for something that isn’t that great. Who is designing these things? 😛

    1. I know what you mean. I’m pretty sure get free if then get tested or quality checked. I’m imagining a giant mass market anal plug factory that pumps them out by the second. 🤣🤣

    2. FYI, the weight can be a bit much. I don’t think I would have liked it when I was still in ‘training. ‘ I would recommend taking it in small steps, or for short periods of time. I still do with the weight of the large. If it was just a couple ounces lighter I would wear it constantly!

      1. You’d probably fine with the small. They have a really nice fit, especially the handle. It’s worth the try at least. 🙂🙂

      2. Yeah, I like the shape. I don’t like the ones with a large flat end. They aren’t comfortable when I’m made to wear it driving or something. Though it’s not like he’s looking to make me comfortable… lol

  3. What pretty plugs, I hope you find your perfect one. I love it when you know about having a butt plug inside in a public space but no one else does.

  4. Never tried the metallic ones but the little silicon ones are awesome can be left in and don’t end up sucked inside needing medical help to wheedle out 🙂

  5. Wow. Thanks for that. I am now checking the options for the next toy and it feels that is what I needed. Surprising though it holds badly when walking. I am always so stressed and so tight it seems anything can hold in.

    1. Yeah, I was really surprised too. I should work a post about all the myths out there. There so much stuff online that I’ve found to be just wrong. Like that one.

  6. I bought her a set of three metal trainers. I am going to try them this week. We go see a mouse once in a while and would love for her to have to wert a metal plug through the detectors and have to explain why the wand is going off. That would be absolutely delicious.
    Minnie, I am looking for examples of contracts. Do you have yours posted anywhere? . I looked.

    1. Our contact is different. I am actually in the process of listing kind right now. I hope to have it up this week. Thanks for asking!

      1. I would be interested. The contracts on google or Amazon just don’t do it and your dynamic sounds similar to what I am looking for.

      2. I actually just got it posted a minute ago. We don’t do a fill-in-the-blank, but more of a write-what-you-believe.

      3. Minnie,
        I think that is what O need to come up with. Holy heck, that is a journal. You keep copious notes. I think I even saw a power pyramid??? Thanks for letting me know. Will be looking for your next post though.

      4. There is a power pyramid! And other similar things. I also have a pretty good bell curve on the arch of subspace. 😁😁😉

    2. My struggle with the plug had always been the handle. I hate those round gems. They are fine up walking around, but not so much sitting. If you go on a car rider, or have desk work to do eventually they just get annoying. I like njoy a lot.

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