Master and minnie’s Christmas 🎄

We've started a new Christmas tradition, one where Master and minnie have their own Christmas together... and no one else is invited. 🙂 Little minnie even got her own Magical Christmas!! We kept our house in California, and are using it as a vacation house, which is great for our playground. I found these awesome … Continue reading Master and minnie’s Christmas 🎄

In a World Where D/s is the Goal…

Master and I recently had a really great goal-setting discussion. Actually, we've had a lot of really great discussions lately. Not only that, but our D/s has been growing exponentially in many ways, leaving me feeling really well cared for and important to him. A good dose of humiliation and submissiveness does a little minnie … Continue reading In a World Where D/s is the Goal…

Chugging along

Our life is chugging along, and we are getting settled in. We have attended a couple local events, a munch and a vendor fair, with more on the horizon. We had more planned for this week, but -of course- I'm sick again. I swear I am constantly sick, especially compared to my Master. He is … Continue reading Chugging along

What’s in a feeling?

I have been trying to describe what submission feels like, or more accurately what it is to feel submissive, to someone who doesn't know or understand it. It is amazingly hard. In speech, expressing our emotions, our desires, we call it a 'feeling'. "I want to feel submissive." "I am feeling submissive." Phrased like that, … Continue reading What’s in a feeling?