Chugging along

Our life is chugging along, and we are getting settled in. We have attended a couple local events, a munch and a vendor fair, with more on the horizon. We had more planned for this week, but -of course- I’m sick again. I swear I am constantly sick, especially compared to my Master. He is never sick. Last year I even got pneumonia and used up literally years worth of saved up sick days. Ugh. I’m still mad about it.

This time, I’m taking the time off early, trying to heal fully before going back to work at the germ factory. (Yes, that’s where I work – a place where germs are factored.) Hmmmm … maybe it’s time I found a new job? ¯\_(ツ)_/¯

Needless to say, we didn’t go to the other events I had planned for this week. However, we did get to some, and we meet people who were awesome, helpful, and super welcoming. I throughly enjoyed being out there and talking to people. The afternoon evolved into Master and I having some really positive conversations. I also got to see him break free a little, relax into eagerness as his sadistic side came out to play slightly as he had me trying on gear. It was nice, comforting. I think sometimes he gets so focused on me, he forgets this is about him too.