I’m narrowing in on a year for this blog, and like so many other bloggers out there I’m figuring out my place, and asking important questions. What are my goals? How do I fit in with other D/s bloggers? Is my voice any different then everyone else? Is there value in this blog, in my time spent here? Is there something beyond me?

I’m also a writer. You might not know that about me. I have had aspersions of being a freelance writer since I was 9. I even told a very early college professor that I was going to live off it. And I meant like literally full time. My whole class believed me, … but so did I. They believed me so much, in fact, they said they were sure I’d make it big by 35. But that’s not what I’m doing. I chose a different path. A better paid path, something I could raise my kids on, something with a reliable paycheck. Freelance writing is not that. It’s a pretty big gamble. On yourself. A gamble I wasn’t able to take.

I’m closer now.

But that still leaves me with this blog. It’s been a light for me at times. It’s also felt like work, or a disappointment when I couldn’t do it. It started as an assignment from Mr.R, but neither of us got out of it what we thought we would. We got someone different, something better. I found a sense of community and validation. He saw a window into my mind. It’s also helped to build a habit of writing, but not writing I could sell. At times, it takes me away from that.

I do have this dream of writing a D/s magazine. I even have a picture perfect image for it in my mind. I know the sections, the kinds of feature articles it would showcase, the interviews, the art. I have a very clear idea what it would be. Mostly because it’s what I wish I could subscribe to and read. Something classy, that won’t leave mothers in coffee shops running out screaming with their hands slapped over their children’s eyes, but also not necessarily something you’d discuss around the family dinner table. … Well unless that family dinner table was all adults involved in a power exchange relationship. It would be sexy, but not porn. Hard hitting, but with some fun in the back. A resource, but not strictly a beginners how-to guide.

Is there a market for this magazine?

I think so.