My 2020 blog. What do you want to see?

My life has brought about a lot of changes lately. I have moved… twice-ish. Bought and sold a house. Started and stopped jobs a few times. 2019 was a transformative year for me in a lot of ways. I recently made another major change in my life, and am beginning a new phase. It has been a struggle mentally to allow myself to change, and will probably continue to be one until all my fears have been subsided, and I am squarely into a new role and routine.

My D/s is my foundation, and my Master is my rock and my guide. I am learning to put myself, and my health first on my list. This isn’t something I have had the luxury or habit of doing over my life. My life has been about survival. It is a weird transition with emotional reactions I can’t always explain.

As I step into this life, I am questioning how and where I spend my time, my energy. What hobbies and activities should I carry forward? Which people belong in my life? How does all this make me feel, and what am I getting out it – is a common question I am asking myself. If the answer isn’t positive, I am dropping it.

This brings into question my blog. I’ve been doing it for a year, and invest significant energy into it. I get new followers frequently, and love to read the comments and posts of everyone out there. But I also want to know that what I read is useful to others, that it is not just white noise in the vast field of blogs on D/s.

I’d love to hear, going forward, what you want me to write about. Now, tomorrow, in another week, a month. Why do you read my blog, and what interests you? Do you want to hear more about our dynamic? Do you want to know about my little side? My submissive side? Do you like it when I post more educational or informative information, resources, random meanderings, or would you prefer more kink?

Let me know in your comments, questions or emails.

xox minnie

14 thoughts on “My 2020 blog. What do you want to see?

  1. Glad you are able to make choices now rather than stay in survival mode. ♥ i went through that phase a couple years ago. It was hard and i went through a great deal of isolation in the process of finding who and what works. The end result has been spectacular!! ♥

    i, personally, enjoy reading more about real life experience living in a D/s relationship. What works, the joys, the struggles, problem solving. Like any lifestyle there are all types of facets we go through when it impacts the entire life. Being in the lifestyle, i relate to all of it. 😀 The kink, educational stuff, your dynamic, your little side along with how regular day-to-day life plays into your D/s life. 🙂 Keep doing you and what works for you in your writing.

  2. I would prefer to read about the things you have always written. Your readers came because of you and as such your blog isn’t “white noise” write from your heart the rest will take care of itself ❤

      1. I’m at a similar crossroads…just put out a pill on twitter to see what people prefer to read on my blog. It seems fiction and photos draw the most attention. We put a lot of time into this “hobby” to not have it appreciated and be useful to others in some way.

      2. Exactly!
        I’ve also been pondering the need for validation from self and others, the fine balance when you’ve tipped too far one way or the other. I don’t think seeking others opinions in this is tipped too far.
        It is such an investment to keep writing. I spent my entire day writing posts for this blog, literally 6 hours. And am writing again now. It is a sacrifice. I need to know that it is a well placed sacrifice.
        oxo Hope you find similar answers…

  3. I enjoy reading about the days to day stuff. About your thoughts and dreams! But firstly you must write for yourself. If you are honest with yourself, readers will follow you. Everyone loves authenticity.

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