I can’t help it. It’s extra delicious!

In our D/s, I am my Master’s sex slave. This means, I am available to him at his beckoned call twenty-four hours a day for whatever his desire may be. I am his fuck toy, his whore, his cum slut, and he gets to use me in any way he desires.

But every so now and then some outside force comes up, preventing him from using me when and where he wants. He has to wait. It is not usually long, maybe a few hours, and it is rare. When it does happen, and Master has to use me a bit later then he wants, his sadistic urges surface just a bit more than usual. I love these times. He feels more free.

During the quarantine I have online meetings and homework that keep me busy. One day a week they converge to keep me on the computer for 8 hours. It puts me in the house, temptingly close, but also sexually unavailable.

The other day I texted him some photos of my tits during class -at his request. When I was finally free, he pinned me down on the bed, and fucked my mouth before cumming across my face and in my mouth. I giggled afterwards as I got caught trying to lap up the rest of his cum dripping off me, using my finger to help me lick up the sweet goodness.

I can’t help it. Sometimes it’s extra delicious!

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