How to take a bad girl and make her into a good girl

*content warning: explicit kinky sex

I woke up angry. I told him as much. I told him I wanted to be bad. Very bad.

“I’ve got a treatment for bad girls,” he said.

You start by cuffing their hands behind their back, and opening their legs with a spreader bar. You throw them in the closet, bend them over an ottoman, and stick an anal plug in their play hole. Next, you pull out your hardest wooden paddle and you spank their ass. Hard. You don’t hold back, and you don’t stop until they can’t take even one more smack. Then you stick a cock deep in their mouth, and you cum on them anywhere you please.

After that, you have a good girl.

It’s been a couple days since my treatment. I still have some swelling and bruises. The purple took a couple days to show up and isn’t in this photo. The spanking went on for a good 45 minutes until Master decided I’d had enough. He’s better at making the call then me.

Now, I am a good girl. And I feel so much better. 🙂

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