Our #staythefuckhome event (not a post about covid)

We have been on quarantine a bit longer than the rest of the state. We got sick (especially my Master) just before everything took off, that is before they acknowledged the virus was moving through the community. We were put on quarantine by the doctor without a test available. So we’ve been locked up here quite a while.

What else is there to do, really, besides fuck? I mean, come on!

Needless to say we’ve been playing pretty hard, maybe too hard, and we both crashed. Hard. Especially over the last couple days. Today was my worst day, yesterday was his. We’ve been pushing it so hard for so long we almost forgot what is was to not be riding a wave. Over the course of the last two months, we have had lots of edging (2 or 3 times a day), some serious impact play, intense orgasm control, pushing our limits in several old favorites, plus engaging in several new kinks, one really heavily. We should have seen it coming, but I think it creeped up on us. So now we are in recovery for a bit, taking a couple days off. Or as many days as feels natural. Since we are still on quarantine thereโ€™s not a lot to cancel, or anything else to do beside stay home together.

Master is, of course, taking really good care of me. He spent the day coddling over me, put up with my over-reactions, and made me feel like myself again.

Our drop snuck up on both of us, first posing as a bit of tiredness, explained away by sleeplessness. Then we ignored it again as a small trival drop, and could be overcome in a minute. Then we pretended to be tough. Then we faced the truth.

Oh well, lesson learned. We wouldn’t trade it for the world, and are moving forward stronger.

It’s been a great quarantine so far, and I only expect it to get better!


~XOXO minnie


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  1. Sounds like you are making the best of the quarantined time, but be kind to yourselves and each other too. Those downtimes are so important ๐Ÿ™‚

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