My Master’s plan for my orgasms

If you’ve been reading my recent posts, you already know my Master told me he was considering a 6 month period of orgasm denial for me. Also, if you have been reading my blog for very long, you would also know this would be almost impossible for me. Much like collaredmichael noticed in his comments. 🙂

Recently, Master revealed to me that this was only the first phase of my training, or perhaps an introduction. I will not, in fact, stay in denial for six months. (Thank GOD!) Instead, his long term plan is to train me to orgasm on a verbal demand. After our recent drop we are taking a bit of time off from heavy kinky play, so I don’t expect he’ll start right away. But the plan still exists.

I can’t speak to his original intentions in choosing denial first, if it was part of a longer plan, or not, but I can stay it had a strong effect on me. His training included daily edging two or three times. Occasionally more, but never less. Through the training, my body became a thing of its own, trained to respond. It knew the right times of day, the habitual patterns we engaged in. It expected and predicted sex on cue. It became instantly ready for sex; swollen, wet, throbbing. My emotions, my state of mind, or anything else didn’t matter. I wrote about this before, but I think I should separate what I became (in the end) from the usual ways our body becomes ready for sex. The way in which I was ready was a trained, physical response, seperate from fantasy or thought. I did not go through the usual build up of desire or the following need to satisfy that desire. Desire still existed, it just came about in a different way. In came on cue.

I doubt Mr.R had any idea I would respond to training so quickly. I know didn’t. But knowing this, I am sure orgasming with a verbal command will come easily.


~XOXO minnie

Image by 15915098 from Pixabay

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