Gaining pleasure in our surprising progress

Tell me about… prompt provided by the SafeworD/s Club, andsubmissy.

Master and I took a minute to go over our rules this morning. It seemed like time, since we hadn’t done it in a while. Or so I thought. Covid-time has got me all messed up, and it turned out the last time we wrote something out wasn’t all that long ago, last february.

The thing that surprised me the most, my absolute source of pleasure and somewhat surprise, was how well we are doing in our D/s growth. Not too long ago we made a list of goals. It was a 3 to 5 year plan. Places – not physical, but mental\emotional – where we wanted to be as a D/s couple. The list had 9 specific items relating to how we would behave and function in our dynamic, how it would blend into our vanilla life. The words were somewhat loose, but had very detailed meaning to us. They defined who and how we want to be in a bigger picture. An ideal, but still very attainable.

Reading through that list this morning was such a pleasant surprise, because we have made monumentous strides. At first glance, I would say we have accomplished them all. Digging deeper, we have probably only touched the surface of some of them. They aren’t truly ‘mastered’ to full completion. Regardless, I see our 3 to 5 year goals being closer to 1, or maybe 2 year goals – barring any major catastrophes or barriers.

Needless to say, I am pretty pleased with this. πŸ˜€ *pats self on back*


~XOXO minnie


8 thoughts on “Gaining pleasure in our surprising progress

  1. This post was a joy to read minnie. That must have been such a good feeling to know that you had made that sort of progress and also exciting as you think about where you want to go. I think for me, growth together is one of the things that really brings pleasure too 😊

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