A Sunrise Bruise

Over the last several months Master and I have gone through a myriad of small changes and evolutions. My blog has only showed a snippet of them. Last spring, I wrote nearly every day, especially in May. With the start of summer and into fall (my busy season) my posts dropped to nearly nothing, and I have only written twice since spring. Yikes! The drop in writing, however, is not a reflection of our power-exchange, nor our kink. That has not suffered, however, as I hinted at before, we do feel a mophing of our roles happening. I hope to find the right way to write about that soon, but I’m struggling with how to describe it, so I may never be able to do it.

Either way, I am happy to report my drop in writing is just that, nothing more, and we have still found time for kink and deep growth in our D/s.

One of my favorite things we have gotten into is taking virtual kinky classes. With the pandemic they became necessary, and many groups and venues starting offering them. As they became more popular, they became really easy to find, and incredibly popular.

There is a new section set up for them on fetlife, so you don’t have to select a location. I’ve also found a few good venues, like kink.com or wicked grounds, who I can easily follow on brown paper tickets or event ticket. (Trigger warning, or possibly an invite; if you go to kink.com, it is straight dirty porn staring you in the face.) We have even found a few favorite teachers, including The_Voice. On the skill building side we have taken classes on power exchanges and D/s, negotiations, breath play, impact play, and deepening kinky scenes, to name a few. It’s been a lot of fun. Today, I was even able to participate in a ‘thinky and kinky’ event, which I loved. This one was only for me, not Master, and was more community building and personal growth rather than skill building. I really loved it.

I’m not sure exactly how to describe how our own play has morphed lately. We haven’t necessarily gotten into any brand new kinks, but are instead revisiting and hanging out in some consistent ones with a freshness that makes them feel new. We;ve gotten deeper into our desires here and shared more than in the past.

If you don’t know already, I’m a bit of a masochist. I often think about taking pictures of bruises, and posting a series of them on here. Something that shows how they look each day, or over time. Not to show them off, but to break down barriers. For us, bruises is never the goal. The goal is the time we spend together, the shared experience of the pain and pleasure. The bruises are more along the line of a risk we are okay with accepting. If they come, they come. If they don’t, all the better.

I do remember the first time I has significant bruising. It must have been 5 years ago, maybe more. I had gotten a few light bruises before, but nothing like these. They showed up really dark the next day, and I had to wear capris or pants to keep my thighs fully covered. We both freaked out, proclaiming how it wouldn’t happen again. I felt like I had to be adamant, he felt like he had to be careful. We both had way more fun then we cared to admit, secretly smiling as we admonished ourselves.

I am glad we got over it. 🙂

It took Master a bit longer then me, but we both got there, and are in a very similar place now. As he gets more and more comfortable with his sadistic side, I can let my masochistic side out to play more. I think these virtual classes have really helped him quite a bit, and have led to some of the deeper scenes and communication we have had over the last few months.

Recently, I got two large bruises across my breasts. One on each side. It doesn’t take much for a deep bruise to form there, and I was actually still a bit swollen the next day. (I had a pap smear scheduled right then too, and was so relieved when she said it didn’t include a breast cancer screening. Whew! I had my honest explanation ready, but didn’t want to use it.)

Yesterday morning, maybe a week after earning my bruises, I was looking down at them in the shower, and found the colors shockingly beautiful. Now, I am a lover of color anyway, but this day it was particularly gorgeous. Especially the left side. The bruises hadn’t yet turned that sickly yellow color. The deep purples (that are actually quite nice) had mostly faded. I was left with the most brilliant shades of yellow fading into orange and then into red. At the bottom was just a touch of blue and purple. It so reminded me of a sunset that I was really stricken by its beauty, and took a picture. Of course, the picture looks like garbage compared to what I could see in the shower.

If it was any good, I would show it to you. But sorry, it was not. In the photo, my beautiful sunrise looks almost green. More sickly and wicked-witch then a lovely, dreamy evening. Oh well. The photo I added here looks like what I imagine I saw. So, for now, just pretend it’s on across boobs, and we’ll probably be in the same place. 😉

If you are interested in seeing a progression of bruises over time, what that looks like in consensual impact play, let me know in the comments below. I’ll try and put something together in the future.

XOXOX minnie

13 thoughts on “A Sunrise Bruise

  1. Hi Minnie! I enjoyed reading about your dynamic and thank you for writing about virtual kinky classes… I had no idea this was a thing! I will definitely be exploring this concept to see if Daddy and I might take a class. And…your sunrise picture is beautiful…. I imagine the bruises on your body were as well!

    1. Thanks! You should look them up. Once you find a few locations to follow, you can get their emails and then pick the ones you want. They are usually pretty cheap too, $10 is what we usually pay. Well worth it, and so much fun. 😉

      1. Agreed. There’s so much content in there. But it is hard to navigate. If you’re really against it, follow kink.com through eventbrite. That will give you a small taste without another social media to be in.

  2. I love my bruises. I love watching the colors changing. I love when they ache a little over the next few days. I’m quite proud of them and I like the reminder they give me of our play and that I am his to mark.

    The_Voice, he has some really good writings. I haven’t attend a class of his yet.

    1. He fits have some good writings! His classes totally reflect that. He is also recording them, and somehow making them available to people later.

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