A list about me

I’ve been in the mood for more personal posts lately, so when I saw this floating around on Succulent Savage and collaredmichael‘s pages, I thought I’d participate while adding in more personal details about myself.

•Been Married – I’ve been married my entire adult life. I’ve only actually been legally single for a few months.

•Been divorced – Yes, and it was a long, drawn out, ugly divorce. Hence, the answer above. I met and fell in love with my Master before my 2-year-long divorce was finalized, so we got married as soon as we could.

•Fell in love – I’ve never been more deeply in love then I am now, and it continues to grow. If you are doing love right, it always grows deeper.

•Skipped school – School was everything to me up until about grade 10, when I went through a dark period and skipped a lot! As an adult I only miss class when my family needs it.

•Watched someone give birth, or caught a baby being born – No, I’ve only been the one doing the birthing, and I don’t see that opportunity in my life. My closet chance was with my daughter, but she has always had a c-section, and while I was there to support her, I was not allowed in the room when her baby was born – which is fine.

•Watched someone die – Yes, too many times, and in different ways. I’m afraid I recognize the patterns now.

•Been to Canada – Lots! We love to visit Vancouver and Victoria. We also drove through from Washington to Fairbanks (over 2200 miles). We did that drive at a time when there wasn’t much by way of roads or services. They have added some since, but it’s still pretty sparce. There used to be a section of just over 300 miles without gas among the Casiar highway. They’ve put at least one pump in there now, maybe more. The views among that route are some of the first that made me love the scenery of the Earth as a whole. To call it stunning or breathtaking is an absolute understatement.

•Ridden in an ambulance – No, and I’m fine to keep it that way.

•Been to Hawaii – No, but someday.

•Been to Europe – Yes. We lived in Ireland for about 6 months, and long to go back!

•Been to Las Vegas – A few times. Never had a great time there.

•Been to Washington D.C – Yes, twice. In 9th grade I worked my behind off to save the money to go on a school field trip there. As an adult my husband and I went with my college classes to tour the Smithsonian Art Museum and see the Dada exhibit. I LOVED IT! I could spend forever in the museums and historical locations there. Museums are one of the things I miss the most during quarantine.

•Been to Texas – I’ve been to over half the country, but not Texas or Florida.

•Visited Florida – no

•Visited Mexico – No, but we did live in Costa Rica for about 6 months.

•Seen the Grand Canyon in person – Yes! The Grand Canyon is somewhat influential in my life. It’s where I go when I meditate or imagine I’m someplace else. We also hiked rim to rim with our 2 teenage sons a couple years ago, and tried to go back last summer but the pandemic stopped us. I’m hoping to do it again soon. The North rim is my favorite!

•Flown in a helicopter – No. I connect them with being rescued, so I don’t want to.

•Been on a cruise – Haven’t done this either. If I did, I think I’d cruise up a river, maybe the Thames.

•Served on a jury – No, but always wanted to

•Danced in the rain – So many times…

•Been to California – Live there, but currently moving out

•Been to New York – No, but on my to do list as a Christmas trip.

•Played in the band/orchestra in school – Not the band, but I was in the choir, which was pretty much the same thing just a different instrument.

•Sang in the church choir – Only at school

•Sang karaoke – A couple times

•Laughed so much you cried – Sure have!

•Laughed so hard you pee’d – More times then I care to admit. 🤣

•Caught a snowflake on your tongue – Of course.

•Had children/adopted – Four times.

•Had a pet(s) – Dogs, cats, chickens, a rabbit, fish, lizards, snakes, gerbils, though the reptiles were all my kid’s. Chickens are my favorite. Particularly bantams with poofy feet. 🙂 I also like cows, though I’ve never owned one. As a kid my extended family had a huge cows farm, they still do. I find cows hilarious.

•Been sledding on a big hill – I use to sled down a huge hill behind our house as a kid. Also did it as an adult many times, in several states.

•Been downhill skiing – No, I’m afraid for my knees. They already hyperextend slightly, and ache frequently. This is also the reason i don’t run or jog.

•Been water skiing – Not really interested

•Rode on a motorcycle – No, but always wanted to.

•Traveled to all 50 states – Not everyone, but well over half. I’ll make it to them all eventually. Soon, very soon.

•Jumped out of a plane – No, but I almost crashed in one once.

•Been to a drive-in movie – Lots of times. I grew up going to one, and there’s still an active one near where we use to live.

•Rode an elephant – Yes, as a kid. I took my two older kids to ride on one when they were little, but felt horribly guilty, and wished I could free the elephant. It didn’t look healthy. Now, I’m glad they are out of business, and circuses aren’t allowed to do this anymore.

•Rode a Horse – I use to live around horses, and have even hearded cows on a horse. Sometimes I think I could be a cowboy. I would be Gus!

•Been on TV – Yes, on the evening news. No, I’m not wanted for anything. 🤣

•Been in the newspaper – Yes.

•Been on the radio – Also yes. For all three I was highlighted for my community service and activity in supporting and defending women’s rights.

•Stayed in the hospital alone – Yes, more then once.

•Donated blood – Yes, I wish it was easier to do more often.

•Gotten a piercing – I still have my nipples, my clitoral hood, and my ears pierced. I had my belly button pierced when I was younger, but got rid of that when I was pregnant.

•Gotten a tattoo – I have 4, and have later about them here.

•Driven a stick shift vehicle – Yes, but not often.

•Been scuba diving – No, I don’t consider myself a strong swimmer and shy away from water sports.

•Lived on your own – Yes, but, as above, only for a few months between getting divorced and married to my Master.

•Rode in the back of a police car – Yes, as a kid because my best friend’s dad was a police officer. He dropped me off in the police car once, and scared the shit out of my step-dad. 😅😅

•Got a speeding ticket – Once or twice a long time ago. I’m not someone who gets lots of tickets.

•Broken a bone – No, knock on wood

•Gotten stitches – Yes, several times; birth, and slicing my foot open come to mind.

•Traveled Alone – Yes, sort of. I went to Costa Rica before my family by about 9 days. It wasn’t what I would consider truly traveling alone, but it was enough I could taste what it would be like. I didn’t like it. Sharing my experiences with my Master makes everything so much more real and fulfilling.

7 thoughts on “A list about me

  1. Great post. Thanks for the a shout out! I should have taken notes while reading it. Several of your list items prompted comments from me. I hate that word press takes you away from the post to make a comment. You can’t go back to check anything! Ah well!
    Let’s see… your piercings are impressive! I offered to get a PA piercing but my Queen doesn’t want me to get one. (The thought does scare me though).
    That drive to Alaska must have been breathtaking. I’d love to do that some day.
    Never been to Vegas, but one day I hope to take my Queen and perhaps renew our vows in a BDSM Ceremony.
    Can’t remember what else sparked my comment centre… but I am glad you got out of a terrible marriage and that you found your master and are now in a good marriage. Stay safe!!

    1. Thanks so much! A BDSM marriage ceremony or vow renewal would be awesome. I’d never thought I’d that before. I might actually do that it.
      I would highly recommend the drive. Do it when you can, and take your time! I believe they have opened up some rv spots asking the route since I last went.
      I can’t imagine getting a PA piercing. I’m sure it would only hurry for a minute, but still. Ouch! My piercer days she’d been kicked many times. She actually jumped clear of me when I got mine. But the pain is gone so fast, and the vch heals so fast. My nipples took almost 2 years to fully heal!

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