What a good spanking could do.

Every so now and then I get really absorbed in a trend of thinking from the past. I am pretty anylictical, and get passionate about gender inequality issues, so they usually revolve around ideas of gender, or some other social identity that creates a discrepancy or division among groups of people. I see media and story, in particular, as a great window into the sole of culture and society. It reflects what we think and dream about, oftentimes in a subconscious way.

Once, I got obsessed with the King Kong movies, and watched them all repeatedly. Or at least the ones I could get my hands on. The story of King King is really about beauty, or the woman, and her effect on the beast, or the beastly side of men. There’s also another angle, the effect of society and culture on the beastly side of men. It is really interesting to think about, and look at over time. Since it seems to get remade every decade, it provides a repetitive dip back into our culture to look at how we think about what a beauty should be and do. More recently I found myself on another of these dives into our media representation of women interacting with the strength of men, but this one crossed over into my kinks. You’ve guessed it. Spankings. Or maybe, more accurately, punishment.

Domestic discipline was incredibly popular in decades past, so much so it has even been documented in court proceedings as being a reasonable way to control an ‘unruly’ wife, and teach her how to behave. This is of course, pushing into domestic violence and abuse, and I am glad our society has come to realize consent matters. This post – as always on my blog – is staying on the side of consent, and leaving the ugly side for some other site.

Domestic discipline is a choice in a partnership where discipline or punishment is an agreed upon, and even a welcomed aspect to a relationship. If you look at how spankings played out in movies, it is clear to see that’s where many people’s minds were. It was so common pre-1965, I almost wonder if our society has gone backwards in accepting it as either a reasonable kink and alternative relationship dynamic.

Take a look, for example, at this magazine ad.

Or here’s another…

It’s a wise man who brings an erring spouse to His knees! … Help! Ouch! Maybe this hurts Sid more than it does Sally – but we seriously doubt it!

In fact, ads with women being spanked are almost too easy to find. A simple internet search will pop up more material then you could easily absorb. It didn’t stop with ads, but also extended into movies, which pull you deeper into the thinking behind why a man may want to, or even need to spank his wife.

If you’re looking for a good example, I’d start with McLintick! (1963). While this isn’t the first – spanking movies extend back as far movies were being made – it’s just a good one. It’s an old American Western movie starring John Wayne and Maureen O’Hara, and still easy enough to find and watch. Regardless of my obvious bias towards westerns – I can’t get enough Lonesome Dove (biscuits and whores anyone? 😛 ), even though it doesn’t include a single spanking. Regardless, McLintock! will not disappoint. It holds not only one, but two very prominent spanking scenes, and ends with the most delicious and drawn out chase, partial stripping, and a very public spanking.

I don’t want to ruin the movie for you, as you should absolutely run out and watch it immediately (whether you’ve already seen it or not), but I do want to point out the validity behind giving spankings in the movie. I’ll do my best to avoid giving away any major plot points, but some a bunch are bound to slip out – so be warned.

In the movie G.W. and Katherine (the stars) are married and split up, and Katherine comes back to visit when their adult daughter returns home. They are not divorced, but separated, and Katherine has been living a different life in the city. She is a strong-headed woman, and it is assumed that this is part of the reason they are seperated. You quickly see this in the beginning of the movie as she steam rolls over not only her husband, but everyone he’s surrounded himself with. G.W. hears repeatedly from nearly everyone of consequence that he shouldn’t allow her to talk to him like she does, but he does very little about it – until the end, when he puts her in her place and they get back together. This thinking matches the many advice columns published during the 50’s, 60’s and earlier telling husbands to go ahead and feel free to spank their wives.

“Should Wives Be Spanked?” By Lawrence Gould

The article above, and many others like it from the time, argue that women want to be spanked as a show of protection and strength from their husbands. (I’ll paste the following 2 pages below, so you can read the whole thing, if desired.) I can personally say, they aren’t wrong.

While, yes there were more things wrong with the sexist thinking behind this, then there were right, two consenting adults could still appreciate this kind of relationship. I, for one, like the show of strength, and appreciate a confident man who can push me both into a better ‘me’ and won’t let my bad moods ruin our day. I appreciate the dominance, and the effort it takes to maintain that dominance, and I know I’m not the only one. I am sure this is why the idea holds a strong (yet mostly hidden) place in our society still today.

Today, however, it is so connected with the misogynistic abuse from the ugly side, those who do use it consensually have to hide it. It is a relief though, to those of us who also find a good whack a bit of a kink, for that – at least – to become more accepted again. It certainly isn’t new to the scene, and can be seen used for fun in the old westerns just as well. Spanking in movies was so popular, they even faked it at times. The photo for Saddle Tramp below looks fun, but the movie doesn’t hold a single spanking of any sort. Why else go these lengths but for the kink of it?

Publicity Photo for the movie Saddle Tramp.

There are far too many sources of good spanking out there for me to mention, but if you’ve got the time hit up Frontier Gal. It’s another western (of course ;D). Here, the spanking is strictly used to show love. Right up my alley!

Maybe, with our new societal views (i.e. the lack of oppression towards women), we can bring back spanking in an equal way, so men and women alike get spanked. 😛

xoxoxo minnie

“Should Wives be Spanked?” Page 2

“Should Wives be Spanked?” Page 3 (Left column only.)

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  1. Great post. I remember as a kid thinking this. John Wayne was an icon in my house as my Dad is still a huge fan. I used to love to wait until the spanking scenes in morel than one of his movies.

  2. Coming back to your site and this post Minnie. I’d be curious to see how many women compared to women back in the day after this is welcomed practice. My wife would never go for it. 😂😂

    1. For sure! It only works with consent, and even then it takes a lot of practice, and a fine tuning of practices, emotions, and a development of a process. It isn’t for everyone. It also isn’t what it seems on the surface. At least not when it’s used for good. 🙂

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