A public spanking, indeed.

In my various searchings and ramblings across the internet I came across this little gem. If you do a google search for the image you will find it posted on various bdsm, spanking or other kinky sites and blogs. Some of which claim it is a fake due to the position of the spanking officer’s hand. In my opinion, the photo is real, and I haven’t seen anything to prove otherwise. His hand is blurred due to the motion of his swing. Their denial in the photo’s reality is caused, I suspect, by a disbelief that this kind of thing really happened.

It was, in fact, perfectly legal to spank your wife or child at the time of this photo. There are even landmark legal cases where a husband’s right to punish his wife was defended. In America, there was a law that allowed men to use a cane smaller than his thumb. Was this entirely legal? Probably not. But we all know that wouldn’t have stopped it from happening. In reality, the officer was probably defended rather then reprimanded.

Here it is from Getty Images, in better quality, and with its original publication information included.

A woman being carried off by three policemen during an anti-Vietnam war demonstration in London. (Photo by Express Newspapers/Getty Images)

The photo was taken during the 1968 Vietnam War protests in London. Below is an account of the protests in general.

On March 17 1968, there was a big anti-Vietnam war rally in Trafalgar Square in London. Afterwards, 8,000 mainly youthful protesters marched on Grosvenor Square, where Vanessa Redgrave delivered a letter of protest to the American embassy. The crowd, though, refused to disperse, and a fierce battle ensued between demonstrators and riot police. Protesters hurled mud, stones, firecrackers and smoke bombs; mounted police responded with charges. The violence of the struggle, in the cosseted heart of Mayfair, shocked everyone. By the end of the afternoon, more than 200 people had been arrested.


Alas, I was not born yet, and wasn’t there to see the woman’s bare behind exposed so openly in public. I Imagine the spanking she got was minimal in pain, but thoroughly shocking when she felt it. I wonder what her thoughts were, her emotions. Did she feel shame? Anger? Pride?

The policeman, I imagine, saw her bare ass accidently exposed, and knew he was right in delivering her punishment. She had been behaving badly, afterall. I imagine he recounted the times he had spanked his wife at home, reminding her of the proper way to behave in his presence and in public. This young lady, he probably thought, needs to be put in her place, taught she shouldn’t be fighting against him – the police, and most certainly not resisting arrest.

I hope the woman in the photo knows this was her captured moment, and sees her strength in it. I hope she is happy when she sees it. I hope she is proud of how hot her ass looks, how well her stockings stayed in place. I hope she knows the importance of her actions that day. I hope when sees the many accounts of various kinksters online – her moment relived – she swells with pride.

xoxoxo minnie



EDIT: This is my second time in posting this, so if you thought you saw it before you are not crazy. When I first published it a reader became offended at the reality of this photo – the actual assault and public humiliation – being used for a fantasy. It happens quite often, maybe too often. Kinksters, such as myself, often find kinky pleasure in situations that – when real – would be harmful. Look around on the internet, many a kinkster recalled this photo as a significant incident that brought them into the scene, and this one is but a drop in the bucket. In another story a woman – self proclaimed spanko – began her kinky discovery with hers and her little sisters own real spankings as children. Punishment, public humiliation, and even real slavery are used to fuel our kinky imagination. We fantasize about all manner or wrong doings, and make them okay by giving consent and separating ourselves from reality. Sometimes we even use these scenes to heal from real abuse. I don’t choose to pass judgement over this, nor to proclaim that I am the one to say what is right or wrong. I am only acknowledging that it happens, that we all (as a kinky community) contribute to it, and that our privilege of not actually living in these real situations is what gives us the freedom to enjoy them.

xoxoxox minnie – again

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