Two Cocky Christmas Gifts

At the start of the week, Master gave me two special Christmas gifts. One was freedom to touch his cock, as much as I want for the next TWO MONTHS!! Ha ha ha, okay, just until Christmas. 😁😁😁 This is such a great gift for me. We practice cock worship, and keeping Mr. Cock away from me drives my desire for him through the roof! Being able to touch him when and where I want for the whole week…!! I can’t even tell you how excited I get just thinking about it.

Of course, I know there is an end to it, and that is also important. If I had full freedom my ability to properly deliver cock worship would suffer. It is better that I follow the rules, and have it taken away from at the end. But, I need not focus on that for now. Instead, I will relish in the treasure of my gift, and grab and feel Mr. Cock whenever I get the chance! 😁😁😁😁

Gift number two was delivered bright and early Monday morning, shortly after the other gift was announced and presented. It was a similar-minded treat. Similar in that it is something I rarely get, something I really love, and something that Master holds control of. To ride him, to fuck him, to drive myself crazy on top of him. And oh God, did I take that opportunity by the horns! I get this freedom very rarely, even less often than I’ve been allowed to grab Mr. Cock, which I get to do during cock worship. Me being on top of him, being allowed the freedom of my own movements, control of my own craziness, to hold his hands back, for that I think it’s been maybe once or twice in the last year. Oh good lord did I enjoy it!

I rode him until I could control myself no longer. Of course, I was ready to cum the second I climbed on him, maybe just at the words of his announcement. However, I did not give in that quickly. I edged myself, suppressing my desire to cum instantly, and took the opportunity to play. I slowed down and enjoyed the moment. It was delicious! He gave me the added bonus of wearing nipple clamps with bells. They jangled loudly as I bounced about, and I again had to remind myself to slow down and play. Then he offered the anal plug! Not the plug I wear for assignments during the day or week, but the one he keeps and fucks me with. It is long, and shaped succulently. I quickly took up the offer.

njoy stainless steel Pfun Plug engineered for the prostate.
njoy Pfun Plug

The Pfun plug is probably one of my favorite toys, and I could easily solo orgasm hands free with it. I had never worn it in this riding position before, and the weight of it, rubbing against his cock deep inside me still makes me sit up straight and respond.

However, I know it was a Christmas gift. A one time offer for the season. It will be months before I get the opportunity again. I do appreciate his control over me, and know the act would lose its appeal and emphasis if I literally had access to it all the time. Like material gifts or sweet treats, it only gets better with limitations. The need for it, the specialness of it only grows with waiting. But here’s to hoping it comes more frequently. Cheers! I think there’s a few more holidays we could celebrate. President’s day is just around the corner. πŸ˜‰

xoxoxo minnie

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