On the first day of Cockmas…

*Warning: I will talk about cock in this post a lot.

For Christmas this year I wanted to give Master something extra special. This last year has been rough on everyone, and the last two months have been the worst of it for us. As we have come out of that time of stress I really wanted to find a way to make him feel special and honored. Since our planned Master and minnie gift exchange was delayed due to shipping problems in a pandemic, it couldn’t be that. I had to come up with a different plan. An immediate plan. A plan that would make him feel special and honored beyond what could be expressed in a simple material gift.

Devoted cock worshiping was definitely the answer. Unlike material gifts alone it had the added benefit of creating an emotional and lasting bonding. It could express to him in actions the appreciation I have for his massive cock, for his leadership as my Master, and for the time and care he puts into me. I knew one session, or even an entire day of cock-worshiping wouldn’t be enough. To make it meaningful, it had to be more. With that, the Twelve Days of Cockmas was born.

I started the Twelve days of Cockmas with my Master on December 25th, though I couldn’t post about it in real time because I knew he would read it, and my surprise would be ruined. Instead, I am making a couple summary posts about what has and is transpiring to celebrate Cockmas, the glory that is his cock, and how I am showing my appreciation and worship toward Mr.Cock, and ultimately my Master.

I designed Twelve Days of Cock-mas, like the Twelve Days of Christmas, to start on December 25th and last 12 days, until January 5th. On each and every day of Cockmas I do two things. First, I engage in cock worship for as long as allowed. Master still ultimately holds the control on this. He has given me a gift of free access for a while, and has even extended that gift in honor of Cockmas, but he still holds the control. The second thing I do is present either Mr.Cock or my Master a material token of my appreciation. These are not everyday, average gifts. They are specific, purposeful gifts chosen to honor his cock in some way, or to build upon my cock worship practices. That is, they are not necessarily ‘Master’ gifts, they are ‘cock’ gifts.

On the first day of Cockmas…

On this day I presented him with multiple gifts. First, a card I painted with gouache. This introduced him to his 12 days of gifts, and the devoted appreciation for his cock. With that, I also gave him small cock candies. These were intended as a gag gift. (gag? get it? hahaha – I find myself quite funny.) While being made for laughs, they could still be used to enhance cock worshiping by having Mr.Cock (not my Master) give one to me, or being made to wait and hold it on my tongue while looking at Mr.Cock, or left out as an invitation or bribe. There are lots of options here when given to the imagination.

The primary part of this gift was picked out by little minnie. :p She can’t stop giggling when she sees them, and also can’t help but want to grab at them and look inside, or just hold them in her hands. They are clearly an invitation for her. She bursted into fits of giggles upon presenting them to Master, especially seeing his expression as he took in the unicorns and bright colors. She laughs even now!!! These are certainly not his usual style, but he wore them the VERY NEXT DAY! No doubt for little minnie’s benefit, which she greatly appreciated. She also couldn’t stop pawing at them, so they definitely added to the cock worshiping. Master also said they were quite comfortable.

I love unicorns. 🙂

On the Second day of Cockmas…

On day two, I knew I was losing my gift of free access, and would no longer be able to initiate cock worship on my own. Luckily for me Master decided to extend my gift a little longer. But either way, I wanted him to have a way to call me in to worship his cock whenever he felt the need. So, for that, I got this bell.

It is loud, but has a nice chime to it. I can hear it anywhere in the house, and upon hearing it I know I am to come to him and follow his command. As my Master he can use it to call me for any pleasure or purpose he chooses. There isn’t anything particularly special about this specific brass bell, anyone would do.

On the third day of Cockmas…

On day three, I wanted to build on day 2; Master’s control over me worshiping his cock. For this, I presented him with a preset timer. I knew setting a timer on his phone would be cumbersome and inconvenient. Because of that, it might not happen and time could get lost or unused. With this timer, he need only rotate it to the amount of time he felt was available for cock worshiping (or any task), and the timer would start immediately. No need to push buttons, open an app, or find dials. It just starts. Bada boom. It has a wide range of presets, from 1 minute up to 30 minutes, and is customizable in case something more specific is needed. There is also a volume button, and it charges with a usb cord.

That was first 3 days of Cockmas. I’ll post the next few days of gifts later this week, as I did here. I have no doubt he will love them, as he loved these. 🙂


I hope you are enjoying your holidays, and find your own ways to celebrate!

xoxoxoxo minnie

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  1. Ooh I loved this! I’ll have to write a post too and share a few of the ways I spoilt my Sir. Some very naughty, you do realise, but at least he laughed.

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