How I’ve been Updating my Blog

This THIS out! I updated my about me page.

I think it looks pretty good. I borrowed some from a recent post, but also changed it up at the same time making the information easier to navigate. Before that, I revamped my categories a little, and updated my tags, narrowing the tag list down A TON!

I confess, I had no idea what the right way to use a tag was. I was basing my understanding of tags from the way internet searches worked in the early 90s, so yeah, just a little bit outdated. I know what you’re thinking, “Who used the internet in the early 90s?” and “Was there even online porn then?” Well, no the internet porn wasn’t much, but I did write script during the early 90’s, and was quite tech savvy. It’s true. I also had a car where you had to roll the windows down BY HAND!

Today, in the 21st century, tags are actually used as an index to link blog posts with similar topics together. They are more specific than a category, and span across categories. I was over tagging my posts with as many tags as I could think of. They only need a small handful, the fewer the better.

Below is my new, updated tag list made into a cloud. I also put this cloud on my About Me & My Blog page.

30 days of D/s 50s household alternative relationships bdsm blogging blow job body modification bondage cock worship communication community ddlg domestic discipline edging flogging funishment impact play kinky toys limits little Maintenance Spankings marriage masochist my erotica negotiation objectification orgasm control orgasm denial owned punishment Rituals roles routines rules sexual availability sexual humiliation sexual submission spanking submissive wife SubSpace tattoo therapy spankings training vanilla whore

I updated my categories also, narrowing them down.

How Tags and Categories Work Together:
Tags are like an index, categories are like a contents to your blog. For example, BDSM & Kink is a category. Everything kinky or related to kinky play or scenes can be found under that category. Spankings is a kink, however it is also a punishment and part of our routines. Spankings can be found in several categories, so it is a tag. It does not qualify as a category because it is both too small, and too varied.

I don’t think my tags and categories are perfect, but they are loads better. Hopefully, it will make my blog a little easier to understand and to navigate. Let me know what you think. In my future updates, I plan on working up some of my own graphics, including my own logo – something more directly me, using my own art.

xoxoxoxo minnie

9 thoughts on “How I’ve been Updating my Blog

  1. Hi minnie! Your “About Me” looks great! I especially like the polka dot background, very fun and playful. I wanted to make sure that you knew you had “comments” disabled on your “About me” page. You might have done this purposefully, but just in case you hadn’t, I wanted to mention it. Looking good!

    1. Thanks! I did not know that. I actually thought I had enabled them. It must not have saved properly. I’ll go check it out, thanks!

  2. This has been a very helpful post. I learned something about tags. I’ve always used as many as I thought fit the post. But when I look at similar posts (as told to me by WordPress), they often aren’t similar at all. I’m going to start going back and deleting a lot of tags. So thank you!
    And your about me looks great too!

    1. Thanks! I was also surprised by how tags work. I thought they brought people into your site, like search terms. But they don’t do that at all.

  3. Really like the new about me page. 🙂 Good info about tagging. I, too, was tech savvy and writing my own HTML and webpages in the early ’90s. *giggles* Can’t believe I’m that old, but I digress. Great job. 🙂

  4. I love how you have your blog organized now, and your new about page. Both made me think about the posts I have done on Blogable, exactly on these subjects 🙂
    ~ Marie

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