My Morning Breath.


The command is sharp and clear, and I react immediately. When it comes from my Master, the word does not hold the standard meaning of the verb to hold on. No, it is a position, a behavior I must assume.

I drop my clothes where I stand, and in one swift move I am in the center of the room displayed as he has trained me. My hands are at the small of my back, fingers laced, thumbs together. My eyes are cast upward, not to the sky, but just below. My legs stay spread slightly wider than my shoulders, just enough for him to play with his fuck hole, if he so desires.

I wait for his inspection.

The command is for me, not for him, and he continues to dress. He pulls his shoes on, studying my body from his chair in front of me. I keep my gaze fixed at the top of the wall. When he’s fully dressed and ready for the day, he stands and runs his fingers across my body, moving around me, grabbing at what pleases him. My ass. My breasts. My cunt. It is all his, and he will ensure it suits his needs. He pulls at my chin, forcing my mouth open, kissing my lips, groping my bare breasts, flicking my tits, slapping my thighs. He takes what he wants of me.

He turns, and sits down again. “You please me.” A smile sneaks across my face, but I don’t move.

“Now kneel.” He points to the floor between his feet, and I assume the position of his second command.

I hear his zipper a second before he grabs the back of my head. My hair is wrapped in his fist and he shoves my face into his groin. The coarse edge of his jeans scratch at my cheeks and chin. The silky smoothness of his underwear presses into my lips, engulfing my face with his bulging cock. I breath in deeply, filling my lungs before he pulls my head back, keeping my mouth just out of reach. I’m not allowed to have more right now, just a scent. I breath him in again, filling my body. My back arches, pushing my face into him as much as he’ll allow. The smell is musky and rich. It is the hard rain pelting city concrete on a blistering summer day. It is the mossy soil of a deep, forgotten forest floor. It feeds me, and I feel my body react. I rub the saliva from my wet lips into the silky fabric stretched tight in front of me. I feel my cunt, his fuck hole, ready for his use. The pulsing swells up deep inside me, and I thud into life.

My day begins.

xoxoxoxo minnie

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  1. Great mental resolve the dynamics what a great dominate teacher and a eager submissive in full bloom.

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