What is a ‘traditional’ relationship?

There was a night, before Master and I were D/s, where I was crawling around in the attic plucking at red and black wires in the dark to finish the installation of the new ceiling fan. I’d gotten the over-sized fan with a built in bluetooth speaker as a final touch for the master bathroom remodel I was doing. I’d already rebuilt the sink, designed, painted and installed a new vanity, changed out the lights, the mirror, and the toilet, amongst a host of other tasks. While I crouched in prickly insulation and pulled cobwebs out of my hair, he was downstairs in the kitchen cooking me dinner.

It was a common scene for us, and one that drew a lot of attention – many times unwanted. They deemed our roles different than others – an alternative relationship style. Something about the way we work has always been off to the people around us. People who knew us then would never, ever guess I am – or would ever be – submissive to him. They saw a front, a façade.

Now our relationship is even less main-stream. He is my Master, my rule-maker. I am his submissive, his whore, and his sex slave. Kneeling at his feet is my place. It is more than showing honor to him, but where I belong. I open any hole he desires to use at a simple command or look, and commonly live and sleep in bonds.

We are certainly not traditional now either.

But what is a traditional relationship?

You might think it is the 50’s style marriage; a woman in the kitchen, a man going to work. But even that is considered alternative now. There are groups of people who emulate it to what it can be in today’s society and culture, some 70 years later. They grasp at straws shown in media and stories, and try to shove them into today’s society even though it is no longer suitable for a single income or the same male-centered values. They are commonly centered around a power-exchange, and are far from traditional by today’s standards.

When I look at relationships around me, I don’t see any two alike. I see varying genders, varying sizes and an even wider variety of roles. I see women in love with women, and men in love with men, each working to raise a gaggle of children. I see a man and his two wives. And I see a woman with her man on a leash. I see people who live with one committed partner, but see another from across the country. Even the idea of a ‘couple’ is no longer a rule, for a relationship may extend beyond two people. I see all sorts of dynamics, in and out of power-exchanges. Love is, of course, the power that holds people together.

But, alas, I don’t know what a traditional relationship is anymore.

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  1. I 100% agree with you. I’m exactly the same in that when we get furniture packs, I’ve usually got that puppy up in seconds, and Matt meanwhile can do amazing Sunday roasts and can make the washing machine and the dryer work near simultaneously without cursing them out like I would. On top of that, I also have strong, mutual feelings for another man. We both know that they’re there and he would probably jump at the chance to Dominate me if he could, but neither of our partners would agree with us pursuing those feelings and out of respect for one another and our partners, we don’t. To me, I often use ‘traditional’ insofar to mean that it’s male-led, but even again, sometimes that feels wrong. I’m often (though not always) the brains of the operation, so then it could be argued that it’s female-led. However, I can’t remember the last decision I made without running it past Matt. EVERYTHING has to go past the boss 😉

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