My week told through Spankings

I am crazy busy right now, pushing to make a hefty deadline in only a few days. I have not yet had time to work up the many posts I have planned covering our core D/s foundations and framework, though they are coming. As a consolation and promise for what is coming, I thought I’d leave you this little treat.

It was an interesting week. My spanking level was falling low, so the week started with Master bringing some spankings back into our morning collaring. Then I misbehaved and got 3-a-side. That’s 3 hard ones, no warm-up, on each side. Three is a moderate to low level when it comes to punishment, bringing me to the edge of tears, but not quite there. I think 5-a-side would probably do it, definitely 7-a-side would. Then to top the week off, I was given a real spanking and fucking, leaving the bruises pictured below. I was still slightly sore from the punishment a couple days before, which being a punishment, doesn’t get taken into account. If it did, it probably wouldn’t be much of a punishment.

Today, my bruises are completely gone, and I was able to get a small spanking during ritual this morning. Master has really worked into developing quite the process of moving me from warm up to squirming. It is particularly delightful. 🙂


xoxoxoxo minnie

9 thoughts on “My week told through Spankings

  1. Well, if your spanking levels were falling low…it sounds like your Master certainly made up for it! Great pictures, by the way! You have a beautifully spanked bottom 🙂

  2. Signs of a loving Master to paint your bottom with bright colors Good girl for your submission. It is the Loving Caring Master that give so much insight into the love and trust that their submissives need to fulfill their lives as well great job to you Minnie and your Master thankyou for sharing.

    1. Good on you guys to know the spanking levels were going low. I love seeing red bottoms. Absolutely love it. That’s why I incorporate it out ritual.

      1. That’s great! How to do incorporate it? Do you use it in your collaring ritual? Is it more maintenance or kinky?

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