McLintock! A spanking done right.

Recently, I wrote post about spanking in movies. I found these photographic gems from the movie I referenced, McLintock! with John Wayne and Maureen O’Hara. Yes, he is paddling her with an iron coal shovel. My favorite part is how everyone in the background is laughing and drinking heartily. It’s as if the whole town is set right when she is finally put in her place.

The movie can be found in its full form on youtube.


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11 thoughts on “McLintock! A spanking done right.

  1. My father is a huge Duke fan. So I am a child and young adult saw this scene and scenes like it in many of his movies. John Wayne produced some of the movies he acted in. So creative liberties in his movies were something he enjoyed. I wondered many times whether the spanking scenes with Maureen O’Hara were his creations. He has them in more than one movie with Maureen. I blame the Duke partly in the creation of my young spanko upbringing.

      1. He probably was. All the best people are. 😁😉😜 Glad you got some positive influence when you were younger.
        I never saw any of his movies until I was an adult. I love them now though.

  2. The Quiet Man is another John Wayne-spanks-Maureen-O’hara movie. In Donovan’s Reef, he spanks his costar as well.

    Yes, I think the Duke was a spanko. *laugh*

    I grew up watching a lot of John Wayne movies — my mom was a fan — but I always enjoyed her other screenstar crush a bit more: Cary Grant. 🙂

    1. I do too! He was definitely a spanko. I read a book about him once years ago, and it sighted a director who use to spank or swat him on set in passing. Great stuff! Makes me wonder in retrospect what the thinking was on set.

      Thanks for the other movies recommendations. I’ll have to check those out!

  3. While the Duke Drags Maureen O Harra up the hill toward the little Irish cottage all the way from the town, I love the townsfolk following along in anticipation of what is to happen. The best part is the lady who hands John a piece of blackthorn and says” Here’s a good sting stick to beat the lovely lady with!” I will never forget that scene. It will always my fave.

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