How I’ve been Updating my Blog

This THIS out! I updated my about me page. I think it looks pretty good. I borrowed some from a recent post, but also changed it up at the same time making the information easier to navigate. Before that, I revamped my categories a little, and updated my tags, narrowing the tag list down A … Continue reading How I’ve been Updating my Blog

On the Last day of Cock-mas

I started the Twelve Days of Cockmas to honor my Master, and his most delicious and glorious cock. It began on December 25th, like the standard 12 Days of Christmas. I wrote about it when I started it, and am providing this as update to the gifts I have given him. Days 1 through 3 … Continue reading On the Last day of Cock-mas

Designing my Collaring to be Open and Focused

This year, as part of our annual review at our D/s-iversary, we created a new collaring ritual. Our ritual holds great purpose and meaning, the most significant of which is grounding ourselves in our individual roles as dominate and submissive. It reinforces our power exchange by centering our minds on those roles for the day. … Continue reading Designing my Collaring to be Open and Focused

Reviewing our Power Exchange for 2021

Power exchange relationships are some of the most complex and deep relationships you can enter. They require a great deal of communication, and yield an even greater deal of intensity. They also need maintenance, evaluation, and reassessment of what is working and what isn't. They aren't for everyone. Master and I started our power-exchange at … Continue reading Reviewing our Power Exchange for 2021

On the first day of Cockmas…

*Warning: I will talk about cock in this post a lot. For Christmas this year I wanted to give Master something extra special. This last year has been rough on everyone, and the last two months have been the worst of it for us. As we have come out of that time of stress I … Continue reading On the first day of Cockmas…

Two Cocky Christmas Gifts

At the start of the week, Master gave me two special Christmas gifts. One was freedom to touch his cock, as much as I want for the next TWO MONTHS!! Ha ha ha, okay, just until Christmas. 😁😁😁 This is such a great gift for me. We practice cock worship, and keeping Mr. Cock away … Continue reading Two Cocky Christmas Gifts

Hello, readers, it’s me, minnie.

I've had a recent influx of new followers, and with it questions about how to find stuff on my blog, and who I am. I invite any and all of you to continue to email me with questions about my life, how to start or maintain a power-exchange relationship, or what it is to be … Continue reading Hello, readers, it’s me, minnie.

Lipstick matters.

Recently I got to put on lipstick again. I've been sick the last two months, which yes, has led to a deprivation of self care. The other factor is the need for facemasks. While I believe in wearing masks wholeheartedly, they also make lipstick feel like nonsense. Not only do they cover up your lips … Continue reading Lipstick matters.

A public spanking, indeed.

In my various searchings and ramblings across the internet I came across this little gem. If you do a google search for the image you will find it posted on various bdsm, spanking or other kinky sites and blogs. Some of which claim it is a fake due to the position of the spanking officer's … Continue reading A public spanking, indeed.