Lipstick matters.

Recently I got to put on lipstick again. I've been sick the last two months, which yes, has led to a deprivation of self care. The other factor is the need for facemasks. While I believe in wearing masks wholeheartedly, they also make lipstick feel like nonsense. Not only do they cover up your lips … Continue reading Lipstick matters.

A public spanking, indeed.

In my various searchings and ramblings across the internet I came across this little gem. If you do a google search for the image you will find it posted on various bdsm, spanking or other kinky sites and blogs. Some of which claim it is a fake due to the position of the spanking officer's … Continue reading A public spanking, indeed.

Curiosity killed the pussy cat.

If you've been reading my blog lately, you'll have noticed I haven't been in the best head space. I am pushing through, and Master is making me new rules to get me back into place. They are very basic; 1) Make him coffee every morning by nine, 2) Get dressed - or more specifically be … Continue reading Curiosity killed the pussy cat.

I need to chill the fuck out.

I've felt really separated from my submission lately. More than that, I've felt separated from our power-exchange all together. (Master knows, and we've been talking about it. He's riding this boat with me.) That is part of the reason why we're starting anew, writing everything over again. Tomorrow we leave for a weekend excursion to … Continue reading I need to chill the fuck out.

Why we’re celebrating our D/s-Anniversary by starting over.

We're coming up on our two year D/s-iversery. Um, yes, that's a thing. In honor of our two years in a full time, 24/7, power exchange relationship - we threw it out. Ha ha ha! Gotcha! I'm exaggerating, of course, but it's true. What we are literally doing is starting from scratch. Or, at least, … Continue reading Why we’re celebrating our D/s-Anniversary by starting over.

A life free of stress from a scary new beginning.

I've been dealing with lots of health issues caused by stress since this school year started, and I went back to work. The most recent of which is an extremely tight jaw. If you haven't heard of this, it's root is in TMJ and is brought on by clenching or grinding your teeth. It's amazingly … Continue reading A life free of stress from a scary new beginning.

What a good spanking could do.

Every so now and then I get really absorbed in a trend of thinking from the past. I am pretty anylictical, and get passionate about gender inequality issues, so they usually revolve around ideas of gender, or some other social identity that creates a discrepancy or division among groups of people. I see media and … Continue reading What a good spanking could do.

A list about me

I've been in the mood for more personal posts lately, so when I saw this floating around on Succulent Savage and collaredmichael's pages, I thought I'd participate while adding in more personal details about myself.•Been Married - I've been married my entire adult life. I've only actually been legally single for a few months.•Been divorced … Continue reading A list about me

The gift of a year

This last year has been an eye-opener opener for me in so many ways. I'm not speaking to politics, or the pandemic, or the ongoing social crises we have been in. Though, all of those things are part of my life, as they are everyone else's too, and have influenced me. My current reflection and … Continue reading The gift of a year