Putting it all on the back burner.

Our D/s has been on a major hold lately. No, I wish it was on the back burner, simply on hold. It's actually non-existent. We are not currently 24/7 D/s. It started last spring. Mr.R took a job that made sense when it was distant, but when things moved back to being in person he … Continue reading Putting it all on the back burner.

Something scary and cool.

Several months ago I wrote a great deal of blog posts about the high protocol side of our D/s, and had them all nearly ready to publish. Then I got overwhelmed with other things, and didn't quite get them scheduled. Since then so many things have changed I can't even describe how much my life … Continue reading Something scary and cool.

My week told through Spankings

I am crazy busy right now, pushing to make a hefty deadline in only a few days. I have not yet had time to work up the many posts I have planned covering our core D/s foundations and framework, though they are coming. As a consolation and promise for what is coming, I thought I'd … Continue reading My week told through Spankings

My Morning Breath.

"Wait." The command is sharp and clear, and I react immediately. When it comes from my Master, the word does not hold the standard meaning of the verb to hold on. No, it is a position, a behavior I must assume. I drop my clothes where I stand, and in one swift move I am … Continue reading My Morning Breath.

Why Submission isn’t always easy

I am not a submissive person. Not in the slightest. To you, my readers and like-minded individuals in the D/s and kinky world, this might be a surprise. But to those who know me in the vanilla world, it is quite the opposite. People from my vanilla world, especially my family; my sisters, brothers, and … Continue reading Why Submission isn’t always easy

How I’ve been Updating my Blog

This THIS out! I updated my about me page. I think it looks pretty good. I borrowed some from a recent post, but also changed it up at the same time making the information easier to navigate. Before that, I revamped my categories a little, and updated my tags, narrowing the tag list down A … Continue reading How I’ve been Updating my Blog

Hello, readers, it’s me, minnie.

I've had a recent influx of new followers, and with it questions about how to find stuff on my blog, and who I am. I invite any and all of you to continue to email me with questions about my life, how to start or maintain a power-exchange relationship, or what it is to be … Continue reading Hello, readers, it’s me, minnie.

Lipstick matters.

Recently I got to put on lipstick again. I've been sick the last two months, which yes, has led to a deprivation of self care. The other factor is the need for facemasks. While I believe in wearing masks wholeheartedly, they also make lipstick feel like nonsense. Not only do they cover up your lips … Continue reading Lipstick matters.

I need to chill the fuck out.

I've felt really separated from my submission lately. More than that, I've felt separated from our power-exchange all together. (Master knows, and we've been talking about it. He's riding this boat with me.) That is part of the reason why we're starting anew, writing everything over again. Tomorrow we leave for a weekend excursion to … Continue reading I need to chill the fuck out.

A life free of stress from a scary new beginning.

I've been dealing with lots of health issues caused by stress since this school year started, and I went back to work. The most recent of which is an extremely tight jaw. If you haven't heard of this, it's root is in TMJ and is brought on by clenching or grinding your teeth. It's amazingly … Continue reading A life free of stress from a scary new beginning.