Some places I like.

Here are some sites I have found useful along the way. As a submissive, my resources are submissive focused. In cases where there are both submissive, and dominate sites that link together, I have listed them both. However, I am really in it for the submissive resources. 🙂

I may cut, add, or revise the list as time goes. By listing them here, I am not supporting every idea they may have. For me, growing and learning is to engage in discussion, which is not the same as agreeing with what is said. I may comment on, or ask questions about someone’s belief without supporting it.

As with many things, take these sites with a grain of salt. Take their ideas with a grain of salt. Take my ideas with a grain of salt! I think the biggest mistake any of us could make is to define ourselves based off other people’s judgements.

In their own words… “No judgments, no apologies, just fearless, straight-up talk about sex.”

Submissive Guide
“-a community where submissive mentoring, self-taught training and BDSM exploration are in focus…”

Loving BDSM\John Brownstone & Kayla Lords
This is more than just a site, but also a podcast, two separate blogs, and various social networks. It’s best to just explore their site, and see what you can find.

The SafeworD/s club + HisLordship & Submissy
A dominant and submissive chat community ran by HisLordship and missy. Each both also have their own blog\website.

Molly’s Daily Kiss
There’s much too much to say about what Molly Moore does. She is a photographer, blogger, writer, public speaker, and podcaster. She deserves a high level of respect for the sex positivity she spreads, running weekly posts like Sinful Sunday. There’s also the Top 100 Sex Blogs. She’s fabulous anyway you slice it.

Rebels Notes
Marie Rebelle also does more than could be mentioned here. Between Wicked Wednesday and the Smut Marathon, her awesome influence to bring positivity to sex is evident.

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